Murray is a character in Barbie: The Pearl Princess. He is an eel who works for Caligo by finding people for him. Murray helps Caligo to force Scylla to poison King Nereus, and later to find and capture Princess Lumina.


Murray first appears at Scylla's home while she is making a potion. He tells her he bears a message from Caligo. Scylla, upon hearing this, orders Murray to leave, which he ignores. Murray then explains that Caligo has convinced King Nereus to give a royal ball in honor of Fergis being named as heir to the throne. Caligo wants Scylla to poison the chalice that the king will toast Fergis from, so that Fergis would be crowned immediately. Scylla refuses, and Murray, on Caligo's orders, threatens to tell everyone Scylla killed the missing princess unless she agrees. Scylla tells Murray that "[if] it's poison Caligo wants, it's poison he'll get," which Murray takes to mean she has agreed.

Upon returning to Seagundia's castle, Murray informs Caligo of his success in getting Scylla to agree to his plan, and when Caligo muses on finding a wife for his son, Murray says Scylla's niece might be a good choice. Caligo grabs him, demanding he say more. Murray says that the niece is blonde and about seventeen years old, making Caligo suspicious. He asks Murray to bring the girl to him.

Murray returns to Scylla's home to find Lumina, but she has gone to the city. He does, however, find a bracelet with the royal crest. He brings it back to Caligo, who realizes Scylla tricked him and that the princess is still alive. He orders Murray to gather his friends and capture her.

Murray is not seen again until the royal ball. Caligo goes to get some punch, and Murray appears from the bowl, asking Caligo if everything is going according to plan. Caligo asks about the princess, and Murray says that "every crawly creature in town is now looking for a seventeen-year-old blonde girl named Lumina." Caligo, having met a girl of that description and name earlier, orders Murray to discern if the girl currently dancing with Prince Delphin is the one he is looking for. Murray says she is. He later helps Caligo to capture Lumina and Kuda. He, Garth and Wormwood carry Lumina and Kuda to the dungeon.

Murray guards Lumina and Kuda alongside Garth and Wormwood. While doing so, he plays a card game with his eel friends. Lumina uses this as an advantage, getting the keys with her pearls, then throwing a pearl at each eel in turn, causing them to fight over who hit who. Lumina uses her pearls to tie the three eels' tails together. As Lumina and Kuda escape, Murray tries to go after her but fails. He asks her to make a deal, and after that he is not seen again.

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