Mr. Pennington is a character in Barbie in The Pink Shoes. He is the father of Tara Pennington, who is the female lead at Madame Natasha's dance company, and he attends all of her rehearsals.


Mr. Pennington is first seen sitting in the empty audience section applauding for her daughter's reherseal performance. Afterwards when Kristyn rips her shoes so she and Hailey go away to get a pair of new shoes, he tries to convince Madame to let his daughter have another solo - Kristyn's. But Madame tells him that his daughter already has enough solos and walks away.

At the final show, he is seen very happy and cheerfully applauds for Tara's performance, but when Kristyn's performance becomes a huge success, he is seen making a face but is forced to applaud as everybody was doing so.


Mr. Pennington is a proud man, he is filled with vain just because of her daughter. He classifes Kristyn inferior just because of her dance style. He is also funny.


  • The Ballet World counterpart of Mr. Pennington is Rothbart.
  • He likes any type of jerky saying it is a good source of protein.


  • " What else are they going to see? Falling cows? Check. An octopus in a milkmaid costume? Double check."
  • "Nicely done!"
  • "She can do it" (Madame Natasha : "What!?") "Tara, she can do the solo for that Farraday girl, oh! hahaha, not my manners! A jerky jerky?, all protein madam"
  • "Capisce?"
  • Yea... Crystal. Who's blasting the AC it's freezing in here? Brrr.
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