Guarding mouse king

Two soldiers guarding their king.

The Mouse King's army appears in Barbie in the Nutcracker.


Mouse king's army

Invading Clara's parlor.

In first time, guards appear in Clara's living room, where they're eat cookies. Clara wakes up and chase one from mices.

When Clara and Nutcracker appear in Parthenia, guards began to pursue them, but someone threw them a rope ladder, and guards was defeated. After, Mouse King tranform two of guards into bookends.

When Nutcracker, Major and Captain was captured, Clara went to the rescue. In corridor, she stumbled on two mice guards and can deceive them.


Mouse kings soldier

One of the soldiers.

The Mouse King's soldiers are, like him, giant mice. However, unlike him, they do not dress in royal finery. Their uniform consists of a biege tunic worn over a brown shirt, brown crossbelts and gold helmets. They are usually armed with gold spears and shields depicting a red dragon.

Their medieval uniforms are considerably different to the Victorian-esque outfits worn by the only other two soldiers, Major Mint and Captain Candy. This could suggest that either the Mouse King gave them a new uniform or they were just part of a different regiment before the takeover.

The Mouse's soldiers appear to be quite dumb in some scenes, but that does not make them less of a threat. There are a lot of them, and they are quite large and bulky in contrast to the locals. They seem to have free reign of Parthenia when they aren't on duty, being left to take their food supply from the now-abandoned Gingerbread Village.

However, the Mouse King doesn't tolerate failure from his guards; if they get something wrong, he has no issues with turning them into whatever he feels like. The Mouse King's guards' duties include accompanying him into Clara's parlour, guarding his castle and patrolling the kingdom in search of troublemakers; notably the Nutcracker.

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