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Misty is a minor character in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. Misty is a mare who lives in the stables where Barbie volunteers.


Season 1[]

In "The Great Pioneer Adventure", the Roberts spend a weekend living like American pioneers. They forgo technology so they cannot use cars. Barbie and Skipper walk to a farm sanctuary to get milk from Felicity. They ride home on Misty. When Margaret has to deliver something to her work office, there is a traffic jam. Barbie and Skipper ride Misty to Margaret's office and are able to make the delivery in time.

Season 2[]

In "Balancing Act", it is mentioned that Stacie and George have a father-daughter tradition of doing team tightrope at Beach Fest. They previously lost to Misty, who was balancing on a tightrope while holding an umbrella and a rose).

In "Life Can Be a Dream", Barbie dreams about her future. In her dream, there are dozens of versions of her with different careers. One of the Barbies is a historian and a horse jockey who rides Misty.

In "Trey Is for Horses", Misty is at the stables with her best friend Duchess. Barbie and Stacie visit them. Harriet says that Duchess' owners, the Reardons, want to sell Duchess. Barbie and Stacie think that if Trey rides Duchess, he won't want to sell her. Misty and Duchess try running away together, but Barbie and Stacie find them and bring them back to the stables. Trey rides Duchess and grows to like her. He refuses to let his parents sell her, so they let her stay at the stable with Misty.

Physical Appearance[]

Misty is a mare with a light coat, light blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a purple flower at the top of her tail. Misty sometimes wears a pink harness and pink saddle.


Misty is a calm horse. She has good balance.

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