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Milton is a character in Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure. He is also mentioned in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. Milton is voiced by Bill Rogers. He owns the Oceans Extreme water park and his daughter Tammy is the boss.


Big Babysitting Adventure[]

At Oceans Extreme, Milton's daughter conducts job interviews. Skipper is an interviewee, along with Joy and Anna. Tammy doesn't want to hire Skipper, but Milton interrupts and interviews Skipper himself. Tammy says that Skipper wouldn't be a good employee. Milton ignores Tammy and hires Skipper and the other interviewees.

The next day, Tammy tells Milton that that all the staff positions are filled. Milton sends Skipper to work at the jewelry kiosk with Anna. Tammy tries to tell her father that he never listens to her, but he continues to ignore her. Tammy provides Skipper and Anna with cheap jewelry that no one wants to buy. Skipper and Anna sell jewelry that Anna made instead. It sells well so Tammy takes credit for it in front of Milton. Tammy transfers Skipper to the snack bar where Joy is working.

Some kids don't have money for ice cream, so Skipper and Joy give it to them for free. Dozens of children come to get free ice cream. Tammy is outraged and tells Milton, thinking he will unpleased, but he notices the children are spending money on other things at the snack bar. Milton gives Skipper and Joy the afternoon off, irritating Tammy. Tammy thinks Milton will make her employee of the month, but it ends up being Skipper. Skipper suggests a day care for little kids so they'd have something fun to do while their parents and the bigger kids went on the rides. Milton loves the idea and praises Skipper.

Tammy feels jealous of Skipper, so she looks online to see if she can find anything bad about Skipper. She finds the negative reviews for Skipper's babysitting business. When Tammy and Skipper are alone, Skipper tells Tammy they could rent a gaming bus for the little kids. Tammy reads aloud the negative reviews and plans on revealing the reviews to Milton. Tammy then tells Skipper to clean an extremely dirty pool, causing Skipper to quit. Tammy steals Skipper's idea for a gaming bus day care. The bus driver, Pete, waits impatiently for Tammy to get Milton's checkbook to pay for the bus. Skipper leaves the park and gets on the gaming bus with her co-workers and some kids.

Tammy asks Milton for money, but he demands she deliver a professional sales pitch to prove that spending his money will result in profits. Skipper and her co-workers get on the gaming bus with some kids. During Tammy's presentation in her office, Milton leaves to get food and Tammy remembers Pete was waiting for her outside. Pete drives the bus away, not knowing there are people on board. Pete parks the bus somewhere and then drives away, so Skipper and the others are stranded. Skipper phones Tammy. Tammy wants to avoid being humiliated by Milton noticing the gaming bus is missing, so she sends transportation.

Milton returns and Tammy distracts him with an overly long presentation while she waits for Skipper and the others to return. Milton gets bored of Tammy's presentation and goes outside just as Skipper and the others return. Skipper tells Milton he missed the gaming bus, but all the customers were satisfied. Milton agrees that the park needs a day care, but he doesn't want to spend money on the gaming bus. Skipper encourages Tammy to speak up for herself. Tammy tells Milton that he never listens to her, and she asserts that she will open a day care center, even without the bus, because the kids need it.

Milton likes Tammy taking initiative, but he still doesn't want to rent the bus. Skipper says if they go with Tammy's idea of cleaning the dirty pool, it would make a better day care than the gaming bus. Tammy tells Milton that it won't take long if they all work together, and it would be free, so he agrees. Tammy hugs Milton, which he doesn't view as business-like. Tammy tells Milton that not everything is about business. When the new day care is open and successful, Milton hugs Tammy.

A Touch of Magic[]

In "There Might Be Dragons", Tammy announces that Malibu is losing her job because Oceans Extreme is shutting down the live shows. Tammy mentions that Milton wants to replace the outdoor theater area with a VR beach experience, even though there is a real beach nearby.

Physical Appearance[]

Milton is a man with dark gray hair, brown eyes and light skin. His hair is slicked back. He wears a dark gray suit with a white shirt and blue polka dot tie, and black shoes.


Milton loves making money and seeing big crowds at Oceans Extreme. He prefers to do things efficiently and inexpensively. He likes pie and cookies. Milton is very focused on work and business, so he is almost always having business calls. He sometimes has multiple calls going at once. His focus on business negatively affects his relationship with Tammy, who he usually doesn't have time to listen to. He wants Tammy to step up and take initiative. Once Tammy does so, he is proud of her. He is surprised when Tammy hugs him because he doesn't think it is "business-like". Tammy teaches him that not everything is about business.


  • "[To Tammy] Hi, sweetie, how's everything? [On phone] I wasn't calling you sweetie, I was talking to my daughter. [To Tammy] By the way, what's taking so long with the hiring? And why are so many people quitting?"
  • "[On phone 1] Not later, now! That's your idea? Bird leashes? [To Tammy] How's the new staff? Doing great? [On phone 2] No! You're not doing great, you're fired! [On phone 3] No, you're not fired, I'm promoting you."
  • "Big crowds! Now, that's what I like to see. What's our top seller?"
  • [To Skipper] "You... are a genius! Lure the customers in with something free, then whamo-blamo! They end up spending a fortune on other stuff."
  • "[To Skipper and Joy] After the crowd clears, feel free to close up early and take the afternoon off. A great job deserves a great reward. [On phone] You can learn something from these people, Jerry!"
  • "Let's eliminate the height restrictions. Wait, that could be dangerous, but it's edgy. Young people like edgy."
  • "I want to see a professional sales pitch with visual aids, stats, perhaps a pie chart. [On phone] No, Jerry, you don't get pie."
  • "You made an excellent point, Tammy. The water park could use an area for the little kids to hang out. But, I don't like the game bus idea. Too much overhead. I think I'll stick with my pole."
  • [To Tammy] "Taking initiative. I like it. Okay, you can open a day care center."
  • [To Tammy] "Oh, uh, a hug. This isn't very business like."