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Millicent's is a location in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. It is a fashion house in Paris, France, owned by and named after Millicent, Barbie's aunt. Jacqueline's, a rivalling fashion house, is across the street from Millicent's. Millicent's is the home of the Glitterizer and the flairies: Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer. Marie-Alecia works at Millicent's as a fashion designer.


Millicent's designs was stolen by Jacqueline, the owner of Jacqueline's, and her assistant Delphine, and they're claimed the designs as their owns. Because Millicent and her fashion designer Marie-Alecia have no idea to create the new design, Millicent's was bankrupt. She sell the fashion house to the owner of the hotdogeteria restaurant, and plan to moving to the country due to being unsuccessful.

After Barbie and Marie-Alecia meets the Flairies, Barbie has an idea, with Marie-Alecia's new design ideas, and the helping from the Flairies, they'll make a fashion show to raise money, to buy the fashion house back from the owner of hotdogeteria restaurant. Jacqueline knows their plan, and she also make fashion show in the same day as Millicent's fashion show. She kidnap the Flairies and forced them to make their design is sparkly and shiny in "their" design clothes.

Because Jacqueline has greatfully promotions, peoples interested more to come in Jacqueline's fashion show. Suddenly, the clothes began to smell like gym socks and the designs started to melt away. Everyone left the show and come to Millicent's show. The fashion show was successfull. After the show, a lady orders ten thousand pieces from the fashion line, and Millicent is able to buy the fashion house back.


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