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Marzipan is a character in Barbie in the Nutcracker.


Clara and the Nutcracker meet Marzipan in the Gingerbread Village after it is destroyed by the Mouse King's army. The only locals left in the village were Gingerbread Boy and Peppermint Girl. Clara and the Nutcracker rode in Marzipan's carriage with the children to travel. Later, Marzipan helped to transport Clara, the Nutcracker, Captain Candy and Major Mint across the Sea of Storms to Sugar Plum Island. Marzipan was not seen after Clara left her on the island.

Physical Appearance[]

Marzipan is a blue-eyed horse with a pink coat and a blonde mane and tail.

Candy Sleigh[]

The Candy Sleigh is a vehicle in Barbie in the Nutcracker. It is drawn by Marzipan. Clara, King Eric, Major Mint and Captain Candy use the sleigh to leave the Gingerbread Village, cross the Sea of Storms, and get to Sugar Plum Island. The sleigh is left there with Marzipan when the men are captured and Clara leaves the island using a swing.

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