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Marlo is a character in Barbie: Dolphin Magic, and Barbie: Mermaid Power. In both of her appearances she serves as the main antagonist, but reforms when Barbie uses magic to save her life by turning her into a mermaid.


Barbie: Dolphin Magic[]

In Barbie: Dolphin Magic, Marlo was a marine biologist who owned a research facility on an island. While Ken was there as part of an internship at the research facility, his friend Barbie Roberts and her sisters came to visit him. Marlo captured four Gemstone Dolphins and planned to profit off of them, as well as their mermaid friend Isla, but Isla rescued the dolphins with help from Barbie, Barbie's sisters, their puppies, and Ken. Barbie told Marlo that she would have her research facility taken away from her, and that a real marine biologist wants to help animals, not just use them to get rich.

Barbie: Mermaid Power[]

Marlo is first seen in a college auditorium, attempting to give a lecture on mermaids and the legend of the Mermaid Moon, but is only berated by Dr. Tang, who is one of the scientists in attendance, for her lack of proof or research on the subject. After Dr. Tang informs Marlo that her funding will be cut off, she is more determined than ever to prove that mermaids exist by attempting to capture one and put it on display. Together with her assistant Oslo, they set out for the ocean in an underwater vessel and ultimately capture Chelsea and Aquaryah, who became lost as they are trying to return to Pacifica.

As Marlo is reveling in her apparent victory and making plans to capture more mermaids, she is oblivious when Chelsea and Aquaryah escape, with help from a couple of anglerfish, and is ultimately confronted by Barbie, who has come looking for her sister after learning from Viva the vaquita about the kidnapping. While revealing the tiara that was apparently once owned by her grandmother, Marlo breaks into a rant about the stories told to her by her grandmother of encountering mermaids and her belief that she was descended from them, but then Oslo finally gets her attention about Chelsea and Aquaryah's escape from the tank, just as the vessel's hull breaks down, causing the inside to flood. Fortunately, Barbie is able to recover her necklace and shares its magic with Marlo, turning her into a mermaid and saving the both of them from drowning. But as the vessel collapses further while Marlo is attempting to dislodge the tiara she saved, Barbie is pinned under a pile of debris and pleads with Marlo to help free her, explaining that there is more to being a mermaid than Marlo thinks. After recovering the tiara and remembering what her grandmother told her about it, that "Its power belongs to the sea", Marlo places it upon Barbie's head, which fully awakens her Water powers, allowing the blonde to free herself and blast an escape out of the doomed vessel. Then the twosome head out to meet up with the other merpeople at the island of trash.

Marlo joins up with many of the merfolk of Pacifica, where she watches as Aquaryah, who Barbie reveals as Pacifica's new Power Keeper, and the others combine their powers and eradicate the island of trash completely. She wishes to know more about the mermaid society, but Coralia tells her that her place is with the land dwellers and reminds her to always treat the sea and its inhabitants with respect, and Marlo readily promises to take Coralia's advice to heart. She is last seen at the celebration at Mermaid Rock, dancing with the inhabitants of Pacifica under the Mermaid Moon.

Physical Appearance[]



Marlo is a woman with light skin, brown eyes, and short, dark red hair. Her wardrobe consists of a lab coat over a gray pleated shirt and pants.

Diving suit[]

Her diving suit is an orange-red, with violet decals at the left of her bodice and near her right shoulder.


As a mermaid, Marlo's hair and lip color become a brighter red. She wears a two-piece gold-colored skirt, with the bodice adorned with gold stars at the top hem and the skirt held in place by a purple belt around her waist, highlighted by a buckle of lavender jewels in a diamond formation. On her ears is a pair of aqua-colored pearl earrings. Her tail is a deep reddish orange, ending with a fin of alternating stripes of sky blue and navy blue.


Marlo appears to be a very greedy person. In addition, she has an extremely short temper, which can cause her to become jealous and spiteful, especially when things don't work as she hopes they will. As a result, she becomes more determined and ruthless in her attempts to achieve fame and glory, and often refuses to listen to reason or admit when she's wrong. She is also fanatically proud of her supposed mermaid heritage and her family, as it was revealed when she explained that her grandmother would tell her stories of discovering mermaids when she was younger. However, she seems to abandon her fanatic tendencies when Barbie saves her and convinces her to think of others.