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Marlene is a character in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale. She is voiced by Alex Kelly. Marlene owns Alpine Academy, a horse-riding school in the Swiss Alps. Alpine has been in her family for generations and she was born there. Marlene has twin children named Marie and Max.


Marlene is struggling to keep Alpine Academy open due to low enrolment. Bridgette Cheynet, owner of rival riding school Ecole Montagne, offers to buy Alpine Academy and the Alpine land. Marlene assumes it was her son Philippe's idea, since Philippe still hasn't forgiven his brother Etienne for becoming Alpine's riding master. If Alpine doesn't win the prize money from the upcoming Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament, Marlene will have to accept Bridgette's offer.

Two weeks after Bridgette's offer, Marlene's nieces Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea come to visit Alpine. Marlene is pleased to see them. After showing the girls to their room, Marlene brings them to the horses. Stacie and Chelsea are beginners at horse-riding, so Marlene says the horses will pick them. Stacie is picked by Pepper and Chelsea is chosen by a small pony named Dash. Chelsea wishes she could have a big horse instead, but Marlene thinks Dash is suitable for Chelsea. Etienne interrupts and mentions the tournament. Marlene says the prize money is substantial and Alpine is hosting this year.

Marlene joins Barbie in the stable, where Barbie is choosing a horse. Marlene says she hopes Etienne can lead Alpine to their first tournament win in 11 years. Days later, Stacie asks for a different horse since she has trouble riding Pepper. Marlene declines because she thinks Pepper chose Stacie for a reason. Later, Marlene also has to encourage Chelsea to get along with Dash. Marlene privately reveals to Skipper that she may have to sell Alpine. Skipper wants to compete in the tournament with her sisters so they can win the prize money for Marlene. Skipper is confident but Marlene is still unsure they could win, since Alpine hasn't won a tournament in 11 years.

During the opening day of the tournament, Marlene supports Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea from the crowd. The Inter-Academy Formal Dance takes place that evening. Marlene serves punch to the guests until she hears a commotion outside. She goes outside and sees Chelsea in a horse corral, attempting to ride a big horse without supervision. The horse panics and kicks wildly while Chelsea screams. The horse kicks the corral doors open and kicks Etienne's arm. Marlene tells Chelsea to hold on tight but Chelsea falls off and the horses escape from the corral. Marlene holds Chelsea and says they'll get a doctor to look at Etienne's arm.

The horses are found and brought back to Alpine the following morning. Later, Barbie competes in the tournament's concluding event, the steeplechase. She rides a legendary Majestique horse she named Majesty against Philippe and his horse Hurricane. Marlene is surprised to see a Majestique horse. Skipper films the race. Marlene is shocked when Philippe cheats during the race. Etienne gets so angry that Marlene has to stop him from going onto the track. When Barbie wins, Marlene and Etienne share a hug. Alpine Academy wins the overall Tournament Cup.

Marlene tells Bridgette that she won't have to sell Alpine. Bridgette is sincerely happy for Marlene and congratulates her. Marlene poses with the Tournament Cup for a photo with her nieces and Majesty, and Marlene gives Barbie a framed version of the photo. Before Barbie and her sisters leave, Barbie thanks Marlene for the best summer ever. Marlene is thankful too, since Skipper's video of the race causes enrolment to triple at Alpine. Instead of bringing Majesty home to Malibu, Barbie has a change of heart since she doesn't want to separate Majesty from the Majestique. Marlene thinks it was the right decision and says that if Barbie returns, so will Majesty.

Physical Appearance[]

Marlene is a woman with light brunette hair, green eyes and light skin. She wears light gray eyeshadow and her hair is pulled back. Marlene wears a yellow top, navy blazer with silver buttons, light gray pants and black riding boots. She wears this with a light gray, yellow and blue ribbon around her neck. At the formal dance, Marlene wears a dark blue off-the-shoulder gown with a white pearl necklace with matching earrings.


Marlene is kind, practical and sensible. She is good at encouraging people and championing her horses. She doesn't believe that Alpine can win the tournament due to it being over a decade since they last won. Marlene tries to hide her stress from others and put on a happy face. She is very grateful when Barbie and her sisters help to win the tournament.


  • "The horse of your dreams, hm? Every rider has one."
  • (To Barbie) "Well, I believe we raise the finest jumping horses in all of Switzerland. I'm certain you'll find one here that is to your liking."
  • Stacie: "Can we pick whichever horse we want?"
    • Marlene: "No, no, cherie. The beginning riders never pick their horses."
  • "Alpine has been in our family for generations. I was born here. I'd be crushed to lose it, but... I may have no choice."
  • "Once Skipper posted her video of the race online, our enrolment tripled! I think we will be teaching riders for many years to come."
  • (About Majesty) "You have chosen an amazing horse, Barbie. I am certain you and she will win many, many races together."
  • (After Barbie lets Majesty stay with her herd) "That decision comes from your heart. I think it's the right one."
  • (To Barbie, about Majesty) "If you come back, I know she will come back."
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