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In a selfish world, the selfish succeed.

Marie to Eden Starling

Marie is the reformed main Antagonist in Barbie in A Christmas Carol. She is Eden Starling's deceased aunt, and she raised Eden and forced her to work on her singing everyday. Marie is voiced by Pam Hyatt.


Marie raised Eden when she was a child and she forced her to work on her singing everyday. Her motto was "In a selfish world, the selfish succeed". One night, Eden sneaked out of her home to celebrate Christmas with her friend Catherine Beadnell and her family. However, she was soon caught and punished by Marie. After that, she became selfish and was always in a bad mood for Christmas, which explains why Eden hates Christmas and how she lost her Christmas spirit.

One night, on Christmas Eve, Marie's ghost visited Eden in her bedroom. Marie was chain-bound with mirrors attached to her for all the terrible things she had done to both herself and her niece. Aunt Marie pleads with Eden to change her ways before it's too late and sends three ghosts to make sure she does and have them help her get her Christmas spirit back.

When Catherine and Eden ride in a carriage to Catherine's house, Marie is seen waving to them along with the orphans. It is then shown that Marie is now free of her chains, symbolizing that she has redeemed herself by helping Eden.


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  • Marie is based on Jacob Marley from the original novel.
  • She is the second Marley character to be the aunt of the Scrooge character and responsible for Scrooge's selfishness. The first being Aunt Marla from the 2003 film A Carol Christmas.
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