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Margaret Roberts is a character in the animated series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. She is voiced by Lisa Fuson. Margaret is Barbie's mother. They live in a Dreamhouse with their family and their pets.


Pre-Dreamhouse Adventures[]

In "Welcome to the Dreamhouse!", it is mentioned that Margaret and her family moved to Malibu, California almost 10 years ago. They became neighbors with Ken. Margaret mentions that she had designed a prototype integrated renewables power grid for an entire city.

In "A Day at the Beach", Barbie is shown building an extravagant sandcastle as a child. She built a lot of sandcastles growing up, influenced by Margaret being an engineer.

Season 1[]

In "Welcome to the Dreamhouse!", Margaret and her family move into their new Dreamhouse that she designed the OS for. The Dreamhouse starts to malfunction and the Reardons have the Roberts' moving van towed. George says he forgot to tell the Reardons they were moving that day. Margaret gets annoyed, and George says she probably made a mistake with the Dreamhouse's programming. Margaret and George argue throughout the day as George repeatedly blames Margaret for the house malfunctioning. Margaret wonders if it really was her fault, so George comforts her. She later sees that a squirrel chewed the wires in the house's access panel, so she fixes it and the family get settled in their new house.

In "Clubhouse (Remix)", it is Chelsea's birthday. Margaret and George take Chelsea to the mall while her sisters attempt to redecorate Chelsea's clubhouse. They leave it by the curb while they look for decorations, so a garbage truck takes it away. Margaret returns home with Chelsea and George, so people distract Chelsea while Barbie and her friends find the clubhouse. They bring it home and surprise Chelsea with a redecorated clubhouse.

In "Nobody's Cupcake", Barbie competes in an extreme baking show called Bake 'til You Ache. Her rival is Tammy Bounceway, a rising social media lifestyle influencer. Ken and the Roberts family support Barbie from the audience. Margaret calculates Barbie's odds of winning by using an algorithm, but George says Barbie will be fine because he brought their lucky Wisconsin cheese bunny. Tammy cheats during the show, but Barbie wins with help from her family in the audience.

In "The Great Pioneer Adventure", George wants to make a documentary about a modern family living like American pioneers in 1840. The Roberts agree to spend the weekend without phones, cars and electronics, and they camp in their backyard. Margaret has a crisis at work and has to go to her office. Due to a traffic jam, Margaret won't be able to get to her office in time. Barbie says that their pioneer ancestors didn't give up, so the Roberts shouldn't give up either. Barbie and Skipper ride a horse named Misty to Margaret's office in time to solve Margaret's work crisis, and then Barbie tells her family what happened around a campfire.

In "Baby Sister Babysitter", Barbie is supposed to babysit but she wants to see a movie with her friends. George suggests that Skipper babysit instead of going to the planetarium with him, Margaret, Stacie and Chelsea. Skipper is left alone with the kids she is babysitting, so Barbie worries about her. Barbie goes home to spy on Skipper and Margaret phones and says she admires Barbie for trusting Skipper to babysit. Barbie sets off an alarm by accident, so Margaret and the others come home. Barbie admits she should've trusted Skipper.

In "Picture Perfect Cake", Barbie enters a robotics competition at Robot Con. It takes place the same weekend as her parents' 20th anniversary. Barbie makes a surprise cake for their anniversary party, and Margaret insists that Barbie go to Robot Con. Skipper plans the anniversary party at the Dreamhouse, and accidentally ruins Barbie's cake. Chelsea distracts Margaret and George while Skipper, Stacie and Barbie make a new cake.

In "The Roof Fairy", Margaret and George go out to dinner and leave Barbie in charge. Chelsea tells Barbie about a the Roof Fairy. Barbie says she isn't real. Margaret and George call to check on the girls. When they find out about the Roof Fairy, Margaret and George find it cute and say that imagination is important.

Season 2[]

In "Balancing Act", Barbie feels she has outgrown her father-daughter tradition of spending the equinox with George. She lets Chelsea take over the tradition, but Barbie feels sad about giving it up. Barbie doesn't know why she is sad when she feels too old for the tradition and it hasn't always gone to plan. She wants to talk to someone who completely understands her, but Margaret is out of town, so Barbie talks to Ken instead.

In "Trey Is for Horses", Chelsea wants to raise funds start a school that will teach puppies how to read. Chelsea wants to get donations quickly, so she does a garage sale. Chelsea asks people for items she can sell. Margaret gives her a kitchen gadget to remove fuzz from peaches. Ken gives Chelsea a broken lawn gnome. At the garage sale, Margaret buys the lawn gnome and Ken buys the peach fuzz gadget. Chelsea thanks everyone who bought things.

In "A Dreamhouse Puppy Tale", Chelsea tells her family a story about how the vacuum and an alligator toy want to take over the Dreamhouse while the Roberts are asleep. They steal items from around the house to make a slingshot to launch the puppies into the sea. The puppies stop the alligator and vacuum with help from Mew-Mew. In reality, the items went missing because Chelsea made a sculpture as a surprise for Margaret's birthday. Chelsea used the batteries from Margaret's robot vacuum as part of the sculpture. The sculpture is of the Roberts sisters and Margaret on an island, since Margaret wants to go on vacation to Hawaii in the following year. Margaret thanks Chelsea and kisses her.

In "Putts for Pups", Chelsea wants to teach puppies how to read, but she doesn't have money to buy them books. Chelsea decides to hold a mini golf charity event to get book donations to start the first ever puppy library. Margaret cheers Chelsea on. Chelsea completes the tournament, so everyone donates books. Margaret watches as Chelsea opens the puppy library in front of the Dreamhouse.

In "Pied Pupper", Barbie attaches a camera to Honey's collar so that Chelsea can film a day in the life of a dog. Honey gets lost, so Barbie has to go and find her. Skipper and Stacie have already gone out, so Barbie tells Chelsea that Margaret is upstairs.

In "A Day at the Beach", Barbie takes part in a sandcastle building competition. She remembers one of the sandcastles Margaret watched her build when she was a child.

In "A Delicate Situation", Renee comes to stay and practices a performance she might do for her family at Chinese New Year. She plays the violin badly so George and Margaret cover their ears. They lie that it's because it's their annual "Ear Wax Removal Day." Skipper and Stacie make holes in their socks so they can attach wheels to invent socks you can skate with. Stacie says Margaret will be unhappy when she finds out that all the socks in the house are ruined.

Season 3[]

In "Virtually Famous", Barbie gets "vlogger's block" and needs help thinking of vlog ideas. Her friends help her to film a vlog, and it goes viral. Teresa becomes obsessed with making more viral videos. Barbie finds it hard to be honest that she's not having fun chasing internet fame. Barbie eventually tells Teresa the truth, and they film a lip dub video with everyone, including Margaret.

In "All Dogs Go to the Beach", Poppy uses her connections to ban dogs from the beach. This will affect Nikki's new dog-walking business and Barbie won't be able to bring Taffy to the beach. Barbie and Nikki are unhappy about the dog ban, so Nikki runs for office with Barbie as her campaign manager. Margaret and Stacie help by designing buttons and bumper stickers. The Reardons sabotage the buttons and stickers by replacing them with ones that spell Nikki's name wrong. Margaret is confused because she triple-checked them. After a debate between Nikki and Poppy goes wrong, Nikki loses by one vote. However, Poppy is overheard insulting the voters. To avoid a recall election, Poppy pretends to love dogs and reverses the dog ban.

In "The Ballad of Windy Willows", Barbie and Daisy visit Willows to see Barbie's Aunt Adele at Windy Willows inn. Margaret and George see the girls off and Margaret tells Barbie to give Adele their love. At the inn, Barbie and Daisy use an electric juicer that Margaret and George gave Adele as a birthday present ages ago.

In "Room Swap", Margaret and George go to a college reunion and leave Barbie in charge. When they're leaving, Chelsea comes to say bye to them again and she sees them off with Barbie. While they are gone, Barbie swaps rooms with Skipper and Stacie and the Dreamhouse gets infested with ants because of Chelsea.

In "Totally Spying", the Reardons get the Roberts' mail, including a notice that says if they don't file the Dreamhouse blueprints by the next day, they could be forced to move. Poppy tells Trey to steal the blueprints so they can make the Roberts move far away. Trey pretends to get injured by Stacie's skateboard while his parents are away, so the Roberts sisters bring him into the Dreamhouse. Margaret and George rush home when they hear Trey was injured. Margaret offers Trey assistance, to he demands that Margaret make him a full-course turkey dinner with all the fixings. Trey gets the blueprints, but after being overwhelmed by the Roberts' care, he admits he lied about being injured and that he liked spending time with them because they are caring, unlike his parents. He feels wistful when he overhears Margaret asking the girls to help her stuff the turkey, and he leaves. He has Rookie secretly put the blueprints back, but on his way out, Trey really gets injured by Stacie's skateboard.

In "Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 1", Margaret goes to a tropical island with her family and Barbie's friends. Margaret and George are going to a documentary festival. Margaret worries about her younger daughters and gives them rules to follow. George tells Margaret that they will be fine. They turn off their phones during the festival. Barbie and her friends go to a mermaid convention. There will be a fashion show judged by Nikki's idol, Fairuza Ukwani, so Barbie suggests they model Nikki's designs at the show. Margaret lets Nikki borrow a necklace for the show, but Chelsea accidentally drops it while pranking Barbie. A monkey from the island steals the necklace. A hotel detective catches Barbie's sisters trying to prank her and he assumes they are responsible for the escalating thefts at the hotel.

In "Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 2", Margaret and George are at the documentary festival. Margaret and George have their phones off while they watch documentaries, so their daughters are unable to contact them. They cry after a documentary because it is about daughters. George says he is even more proud of his daughters now, and Margaret stops worrying about them because she thinks they would never get in real trouble. They go to get popcorn before the next documentary. Barbie's sisters prove their innocence thanks to a plan by Barbie, and Barbie also gets Margaret's necklace back.

In "A Dog's Day in Court", Nikki is at the Dreamhouse getting help with her pet business. Some dogs run over to the Reardons and give Trey fleas. This inspires a plan by Poppy to make the Roberts move away. The Reardons release fleas in the neighborhood and cause a 3-mile wide flea infestation. Nikki has no customers because of this. While the houses are being fumigated, there is an official city order that there can be no animals on the premises. Margaret and George take Blissa and the puppies to a pet hotel. Poppy rents several animals and has them delivered to the Dreamhouse. An animal inspector checks the Dreamhouse, sees the animals, and says the Roberts have the right to appear before the city council and plead their case. In court, Margaret and George stall until Barbie finds a animal rental receipt and a witness (the person who delivered the animals) to prove that Poppy is to blame. Poppy resigns from the city council and the Roberts are saved from being evicted.

Go Team Roberts! Season 1[]

In "Magical Mermaid Mystery: Part 1", Margaret and her family are going on vacation to Costa Rica so George can film a whale documentary. Barbie is disappointed to miss the vacation, but she is excited about her job and her parents are proud of her for being mature, responsible and committed to her job. While the Roberts are away and Barbie is busy working, Trey plans to have a party at the Dreamhouse. The vacation starts off rough, but Margaret is optimistic.

Go Team Roberts! Season 2[]

Physical Appearance[]

Margaret has blonde hair, blue eyes and light skin. Her hair in a high bun with a red pencil in it. Margaret wears a white, purple and orange plaid shirt with rolled-up sleeves and an orange top underneath, dark purple pants and white sneakers. She also wears small pink stud earrings, a silver bracelet and a gold wedding ring.


Margaret is intelligent, sensible and kind. She is knowledgeable about engineering, science, technology and math. Described by Barbie as a "computer genius", Margaret finds it annoying when people doubt her programming skills. Margaret is close with her family and they call themselves Team Roberts. Barbie usually goes to Margaret when she needs advice since Margaret completely understands her. Margaret loves spending time with her family and when her daughters make up songs.