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Margaret Roberts is a character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. She is voiced by Lisa Fuson. Margaret is a computer engineer who lives in a Dreamhouse that she engineered. She lives with her husband George and their daughters Barbie (nicknamed Malibu), Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea.


Season 1[]

When Barbie Met Peggy[]

Malibu and Brooklyn find a baby pegasus named Peggy on the beach. Malibu drives Peggy to the horse stables to see if anyone reported losing a horse. On the way there, Malibu phones Margaret. Malibu's sisters are being too loud for Margaret to hear Malibu properly. Malibu ends the call and then Margaret goes to work.

Finding Home[]

Ken's family has a barbecue to welcome Brooklyn's family to the neighborhood. Margaret attends with her family. Margaret socializes with Simone and they enjoy watching Malibu and Brooklyn sing together.

Barbie, You Can Drive My Car[]

Margaret offers to give Brooklyn a driving lesson. Malibu says they can use her car. Margaret and Brooklyn get stuck in traffic. Unaware that Peggy is in the backseat, Brooklyn wishes the car could fly. The car begins to fly and Margaret gets nervous, so Peggy uses magic to make Margaret fall asleep. She sleep-talks about her family and her hair. Margaret wakes up once Brooklyn has landed the car at the Dreamhouse, and assumes she slept because Brooklyn's driving was so smooth.

Ken One and Ken Two[]

Margaret asks Malibu and Ken to help her test new features in the camper. Margaret drives somewhere outside of the city and sets up the test area. Before they left, Ken made a wish to be in two places at once, so Peggy gave him a clone. The clone wished for more clones, so Stacie phones Ken for help. Margaret and Malibu find out, so the camper trip gets cut short. Ken apologizes to Margaret, who is understanding.


Margaret sees people running while she waters plants with a hose. She gets distracted and accidentally sprays Blissa, then apologizes to her.

Skate to Me, Barbie[]

Margaret and her family attend Simone and Kelvin's anniversary party.

Careful What You Wish For[]

Skipper has a dream where Malibu doesn't exist. Skipper wants to have cake for breakfast, and George says he won't tell Margaret if Skipper gives him a piece too. George asks Skipper to go to the bank, but Skipper goes to the woods to have a DJ dance party instead. Margaret phones Skipper and appears as a hologram when Skipper answers. Margaret says Skipper was supposed to take Chelsea to soccer practice. The rest of Skipper's family tells her about responsibilities she hasn't taken care of and Skipper gets overwhelmed and yells for Malibu's help.

Physical Appearance[]

Margaret has blonde hair with highlights, green eyes and light skin. She has her hair in a high bun. When she goes to work, she wears a white collared shirt, a pale blue suit, and gray shoes. She accessorizes with a large black handbag. Margaret usually wears a white, purple and orange plaid shirt with rolled-up sleeves and an orange top underneath, dark purple pants and white shoes. She also has small pink stud earrings on. Alternatively, she wears a short-sleeve boat neck top with white and gray stripes, light blue shorts, and white sneakers. She also wears a silver bracelet, pink earrings, and a gold wedding ring. She has a pencil stuck in her hair.


Margaret is helpful and caring. She is generally level-headed and good at teaching people.