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"Making My Way" is a song featured in Barbie and The Three Musketeers and Sing Along With Barbie.


Take a look around
Take a walk downtown
Wondering if what you have been telling me is true
That I've been living large
Should accept that it's too hard
Forget about your dreams girl
No you wait a minute
'Cause I've opened my eyes

Making my way, you see
Throwing out the disbelief
Jumping in and givin' it everything
There's nothing left to prove
To anybody else but me
So go right ahead and call me crazy
'Cause I'm making my way
You bet I am
Making my way

Does it freak you out?
I am fierce and proud
Doing it with style baby,
Who's the fool now?
I've finally sifted through
The useless attitudes
Ain't nobody pushing me around, no
I know who I am


This life is a maze sometimes
But at least this life is mine
It's mine



  • "Making My Way" is also featured in My Scene: Jammin' In Jamaica. The song is originally from Leslie Mills's 2003 album Different for Girls[1] with "Radiowave" (which was also in My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica) and "Wings" from Barbie of Swan Lake. "Radiowave" and "Making My Way" were later featured on Mills's 2009 album Feel Like La: The Hollywood Collection[2] along with "Feel Like L.A.", "Lucky", "Starlight" and "Find The Fun" from My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie.


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