Makena is a character in Barbie Presents Thumbelina. She is a wealthy, spoiled girl, though she changes her personality after she meets Thumbelina. Makena is voiced by Kelly Metzger.


Makena meets Thumbelina when she accidentally takes her back to her home, along with Janessa and Chrysella. Thumbelina and her friends are Twillerbees, and they are captured when they use fake wings to try and see baby Twillerbees (Twillerbabies). Their flower bed from their patch of wildflowers had been transported to Makena's bedroom.

When the captured trio tries to escape, Makena's dog Poofles runs after them. Makena tells her friend Violet that her parents, Evan and Vanessa, are planning to build a factory on the Twillerbees' field. Makena plans to show Thumbelina to Violet, so she can impress her.

Thumbelina tells Janessa and Chrysella to go home and try to stop the work on their field. Thumbelina makes Makena promise not to tell anyone about her and promises to make things special for Makena if she stops her parents from making the factory. Makena ignores Thumbelina and wants to show her to Violet and her other friend Ashlyn, but realizes they're not her real friends. Thumbelina forgives Makena and wants to be her friend. She shows Makena the other Twillerbees and the Twilerbuds.

Thumbelina and her friends work hard to grow plants with their powers. She shows herself to Makena's parents and Makena asks her parents to stop the construction. Thumbelina tells them the Twillerbabies will be born soon, so Makena's parents try to stop Myron, the contractor, from destroying the field. Everyone helps to stop Myron and his workers, and Makena and her parents get to see the Twillerbabies. The family turns the field into a Reserved Park to stop people from building on it.

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  • Makenna and Thumbelina shake hands

    Trophies on shelf (in background)

    Makena has won many trophies for several things, including horseriding, and is the first Barbie movie character to do so. The second to have won many trophies is Merliah Summers.
  • A girl who looks like Makena appear in the movie premiere as Barbie's fan in Barbie: A Fairy Secret.

A fan resembling Makena at Barbie's premier

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