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Maia is a character in Barbie Video Game Hero. She is voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent.


Maia is a part of a race game in the Bonus Level. She is the twin of Gaia. Both of them were programmed to run extremely fast to the point where it was virtually impossible for players to beat them.

Physical Appearance[]

Maia has an anime appearance with fair skin, blue eyes, and pink-and-blue hair in twin buns. She wears a bodice, stockings, sneakers, and a translucent skirt. She also wears floating heart glasses and has a heart tattoo on her chest. She has pink nails and floating yellow rings, and hearts in her hair buns. Her entire outfit is heart-themed, and her color scheme is almost entirely pink, yellow, and blue.

In doll form, her appearance is more simplistic because toys are typically not entirely movie-accurate. Most noticeably, she has no tattoo on her chest, the rings and hearts in her hair buns are absent, and her shoes are entirely yellow.


  • Both Gaia and Maia got dolls of how they would look in Level 2, despite having not been to this level.
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