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The Crystal

The Magic Crystal is an object from Barbie of Swan Lake. The source of its power is true love. The Magic Crystal lost its magical abilities when Prince Daniel declared his love to Odile, thinking she was Odette. It was Rothbart's plan to deprive the gem of its magic because it was the only thing that protected Odette from him.

After Prince Daniel confessed his love to Odile by mistake, the Magic Crystal lost it's power, turning it gray and dull. It's power was eventually restored when Odette and Daniel sacrificed themselves for each other. This final act of true love overcame Rothbart's evil magic, saving the Enchanted Forest.


It is a magic pink gem that appeared in a tree many years before Odette's arrival in the Enchanted Forest. According to legends, the person who is able to free the gem can defeat Rothbart. That person happens to be Odette, who is at first scared and wants to go home. When Rothbart transforms her into a swan, the Fairy Queen puts the gem in a tiara and gives it to Odette, and the protective magic of the crystal ensured her safety by protecting her from Rothbart's dark magic. It can also be used to open the portal to the human world, as well as the lock on the Book of Forest Lore.

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