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"Lyla is a hardcore grunge rock loving sound engineer. Lyla oversees Blown Speaker Studios. She is tough, cool and sarcastic, with a razor sharp delivery!"
- Official Description[1]

Lyla is a character from the animated series Barbie: It Takes Two. She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks (credited as Elise Gabriel). Lyla manages a music studio named Blown Speaker Studios and she is also a sound engineer.


In "Studio Sleuths", Lyla has a new studio dog named Guinevere to help artists feel more relaxed so they will break things less. Rafa says if nothing is broken, Lyla will have nothing to fix, giving her nothing to do all day. She glares at Rafa and he changes the subject. When things go missing around the studio, Malibu and Brooklyn attempt to interrogate Lyla, but they feel too intimidated by her glaring at them to ask her any questions. It turns out Gato stole the objects as romantic gifts for Guinevere. Lyla says, "The heart wants what the heart wants," which catches people off guard.

In "For the Record", it is revealed that Lyla is part of an underground network that trades rare music. She agrees to help Malibu and Brooklyn find another copy of one of Kel's records if she gets a $25 finder's fee. They make several trades before they go to Big Base, the top player in the network. He gives them the address for B125, the last trade. Big Base wants Lyla to go on a date with him, but she refuses because he is a kid. At B125's address, they need a password to get past security. Lyla reluctantly phones Big Base for help, but he wants a date with Lyla in exchange for the password. Lyla hangs up on him and helps The Barbies to distract the security. The Barbies sneak into B125's apartment and trade the last record. They thank Lyla for helping and say they'll give her the finder's fee, but Lyla declines and says they're friends.

In "Knock it Off", Malibu and Brooklyn start a business selling plants. To get more customers, they borrow candy from Blown Speaker Studios and try to give it to customers for free. The girls spend all their money trying to attract customers, and owe Lyla money for the candy.

In "Game On!", Malibu and Brooklyn compete in a farm-based game show in hopes of winning money for studio time. The prize is $1000 worth of potatoes. Malibu asks Brooklyn if Lyla would take a lifetime supply of potatoes as payment for studio time.


Lyla is sarcastic and witty. She says she likes her dog Guinevere more than most people. She is also stubborn and has a scary glare that makes people uncomfortable. She loves grunge rock music and her father is her hero. Lyla can be sweet sometimes, which can catch people off guard.