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Lydia is the main antagonist in Barbie & The Diamond Castle. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr. Lydia was a muse of music who had fallen from grace, having turned against the other muses for selfish reasons, and she changed from being good to being an evil witch by transforming her flute into an instrument of powerful dark magic. Along with Slyder, she travels to capture Melody, who was an apprentice and she finds the Diamond Castle.


Lydia was originally a muse of the Diamond Castle, working closely with the other two muses - Dori and Phaedra - to take care of the castle and create music. However, she became insanely jealous of her friends, wanting to be the one and only muse. Dori and Phaedra disagreed with her, believing that music was for everyone. A scorned and furious Lydia stormed out of the Diamond Castle, slamming the door behind her with the vow that she would return one day and have the castle all to herself.

Lydia found an ancient cave filled with magic and transformed her flute into an instrument of dark magic so powerful that it could do almost anything she willed it to do. She found a serpent named Slyder there, and she immediately liked him, and he immediately liked her, so she made him her servant. Then, with her dramatically enhanced powers, she planned to take over the Diamond Castle, and from there, conquer the world piece by piece.

Dori and Phaedra hid their own magical musical instruments along with the castle, and entrusted the key to Melody, their apprentice, in case anything bad happened to them. They then went to see Lydia and tried to reason with her, but she simply turned them both into stone statues. Melody managed to narrowly escape by magically hiding in a mirror. When Lydia's minion, Slyder, detected Melody's presence, she tracked her down, trying to get the mirror so she can find where the Diamond Castle was hidden.

Lydia attempted to trap Liana and Alexa in a mansion by hypnotizing two residents that lived there, but she only succeeded in catching Alexa. Slyder kidnapped Liana and took her back to the lair. Lydia used her flute on Alexa and made her almost fall off a cliff into boiling hot liquid, but Melody saved her by confessing where the Diamond Castle was. Liana and Alexa followed Lydia and defeated her, and they found the castle. They saved the muses and used their music to defeat Lydia forever, turning her and Slyder to stone.

Physical Appearance

Lydia has reddish-brown hair piled on top of her head, fair skin, and slanted green eyes. She wears a red gown, and around her neck is a necklace shaped like a snake biting its tail. She is always seen with her flute, which was silver and white before her fall from grace turned it into red and black. However, in the junior book of the movie, it was shown that Lydia originally wore a white and gold Grecian gown similar to those of Dori's and Phaedra's.


Lydia was a cruel, cunning, and extremely selfish woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She is also extremely prideful, believing that she was perfectly capable of being the one and only muse and that her magic made her invincible.

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