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Lya is a character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. She is voiced by America Young. Lya is a clothing store cashier.


Season 1

A Selfie to Remember

Brooklyn and Skipper go to a clothes store and meet Lya. She tells them Chloe and Ji-soo are two of the girls in the photo, and they come to the store all the time. Lya really likes Ji-soo. Tiger sneaks in the store to try and stop Brooklyn and Malibu. Lya mentions that Chloe and Ji-soo like going to a juice place nearby. Lya asks Brooklyn and Skipper to gives Ji-soo a message for her. Brooklyn says it would be better coming from Lya, and Lya agrees. A woman sees Tiger standing still and thinks she is a lifelike object. She asks Lya how much Tiger is.

Physical Appearance

Lya has short red hair, brown eyes and pale skin. Her hair red with a dark brunette undercut. She has bangs. Lya has smoky eyeshadow on. She wears a green and white crop top with an smiley peace sign on it, and blue jeans. Her accessories are a silver necklace, a bracelet, stud earrings, and a gold ear cuff on one ear.


Lya is friendly, helpful and she strongly admires Ji-soo.


  • Lya: (To Brooklyn and Skipper) "Hey! My name's Lya. Can I help you find something?"
  • Skipper: Any chance you know them? (Shows photo of Chloe, Ji-soo and Rocki)
    • Lya: Oh, yeah! Two of them, anyway. They're Chloe and Ji-soo. They come in here all the time.
    • Brooklyn: Can you tell us anything else about them?
    • Lya: I don't know that much about Chloe, but Ji-soo has the most amazing smile... and her hair is so soft. She's the most amazing person.
  • Lya: (To Brooklyn and Skipper) "If you see Ji-soo, could you tell her that... that people should write songs about how beautiful her hands are?"


  • Lya is voiced by America Young, who also voices Malibu.
  • Lya talks very romantically and admirably about Ji-Soo, as well as hugging her picture, indicating she may have a crush on her. It is unknown what Ji-Soo thinks about Lya.