"Laverna's Formula" is a song performed in Barbie Live! in Fairytopia. It is performed by Laverna and is the third song performed in Act 1.


Laverna: Fungus come hither
We need some things
Two snakes that slither
One snake that sings
One roll of tapeworms
Two yucky slugs
One bowl of wheat germs
And a case of jitterbugs
Fungus:It's formed a skin again
Like a prune
Laverna:Stir it up and then
Throw away that spoon

'Cause the fun's begun
Soon my little formula's ready
For spreading around
Laverna and Fungus: Then the fun's begun
They'll need Laverna to
Help them get up off the ground

Fungus: One pail of quicksand
One tsetse fly
With the eye of a bat
Laverna: And the bat of an eye
Four hairy horsemanes
Three stinky toes
Two little bird brains
Fungus: I think I have one of those
Laverna: Fairytopia don't you see
I'm just hoping ya learn to love me

When it's done
Laverna and Fungus: What fun
Laverna: See my little formula
Weaken your wings overnight
When it's done
Laverna and Fungus:
What fun
They'll beg Laverna to help them
Reschedule their flight
Fungus come closer
What do you see?
It's looking grosser

Laverna: Then things are looking up for me!
You've been so obedient
Now I'm almost through
There's just one ingredient missing
Fungus: (sneezes)

Laverna: Now it's done
Laverna and Fungus:It's done
Laverna: Soon you'll see fumes
From my soup-loopy-loop
In the air
Laverna and Fungus: Now it's done
It's done
They'll be so thankful to
Know that Laverna is there
And it's done
It's done
See Laverna's formula
Poison their whole atmosphere
Laverna: I'll be number one
Fungus: They'll love Laverna
Laverna: 'Cause I've got the antidote here



Lyrics - Barbie Fairytopia - Laverna's Formula

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