King Randolph's Castle is a location in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. It is where King Randolph and his daughters live. Queen Isabella also lived before she passed away.

Places of Interest

  • Entrance: The entrance has a portrait of Queen Isabella and her belongings.
  • Throne Room: The throne room is a large and spacious room lit by chandeliers. There are two thrones, one for King Randolph and one where Queen Isabella sat. It is also the place where Duchess Rowena meets the princesses. It is also the place where Genevieve and King Randolph play chess.
  • Dining Room: The dining room is another large room. There is a vast, oval shaped dining table with fourteen seats around it.
  • King Randolph's Bedroom: The king's bedroom has a fireplace with a painting above it and knight's armor standing beside it. There is a large gold bed and there are candles on the walls.
  • Princesses' Bedroom: The princesses's bedroom has twelve beds with colorful bedding. Each bed has a large, golden chest at the foot of it. In the middle of the bedroom, there are special stones that decorate the floor. Twelve of the stones have flowers on them , when danced on in the order from Ashlyn's flower to Lacey's flower (oldest to youngest), they make a gateway to a magical world.
  • Garden: The garden is expansive and lush. There is an enormous fountain, and a pavillion. It is also where Genevieve and Derek's wedding takes place.
  • Queen Isabella's Pavilion: This pavilion is located just beside the Princesses's Bedroom. Whenever the princesses are upset they come in this pavilion because here they feel the presence of Queen Isabella. This is also the connected to the magical world.The structure of the pavilion is similar to the one in the Magical World.


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