King Randolph is the father of the 12 princesses in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. He is a widower who misses his wife, Isabella. He has an evil cousin, Rowena, who tries to poison him so she can rule the kingdom. King Randolph is voiced by Christopher Gaze.


The King talks to the ambassador of Bulovia. The ambassador invites his daughters on a royal celebration. At the same moment, in the throne room appear some of Randolph's daughters, and they do not behave like true princesses. He decides to invite his cousin, Duchess Rowena, whom he thinks can teach his daughters how they should behave on a royal celebration.

After drinking tea from Rowena, the king feels worse and is forced to go to bed. His daughter Genevieve decides to call the doctor. Rowena volunteers to take care of the king, but day by day he feels worse. Finally, he feels so bad, that he appoints Rowena to be the queen. In the same day, she reveals her plan to him saying that she was poisoning him, so she could rule the kingdom herself. But in this time, Genevieve and Derek appear. They expose her and see that he is dying. Lacey gives him the golden water which she took from the pavilion and the king wakes up. Later, he leads Genevieve to the altar. Also when the movie was almost over, he finally understood that the princesses will be fine and do great things in their own way just like their mother always told him. He allowed Derek marry Genevieve, become a prince and a member of the royal family. 


King Randolph is shown as a man who loves his family, but doesn't want to be ashamed. He can't understand his daughters and sometimes can't talk with them. he hates to see his daughters upset. and his daughters is the best part of his life.

Physical Appearance

King Randolph has dark blond hair and light teal eyes. Of all of his daughters, Lacey resembles him most in physical appearance (she also seems to be his favorite, although he obviously loves all of his daughters very much).

King Randolph dresses in an 18th Century style outfit.


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  • "Sometimes I don't understand them, if only you were here."
  • "It hardly burdens me, they the best part of my life."
  • "My daughters do worry me."
  • "Oh my dear Lacey, where would I be without you."
  • "Lacey, Genevieve!"
  • "Aww, I hate to see her upset."
  • (To Genevieve) As I asked her (Duchess Rowena) to.
  • ''One day, you'll be responsible for running the kingdom, Duchess Rowena will prepare you.
  • ''You must listen to the duchesses, Genevieve, I don't wanna hear anymore of this.''
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