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King Peter is a supporting character in Barbie as The Island Princess. He is the king of Apollonia who rules the kingdom with his wife Queen Danielle. He has four children: a son named Antonio and three daughters named Gina, Rita and Sofia. He is voiced by Russell Roberts.


As a young man, Peter loved adventure (a trait later inherited by his son). But as he grew up, he soon married Danielle, became king (his duties of which he was very serious about) and had their children Antonio, Gina, Rita and Sofia and also gained a pet monkey called Tallulah.

Peter had a lot of discontent for Antonio's desire for adventure and travelling (even though he begrudgingly accepted it). Instead, he thought Antonio needed to settle down, get married and become king. He found out about Princess Luciana and arranged for Antonio to meet her after his latest voyage. When he did, he happily greeted Peter, Danielle and Tallulah. Antonio then introduced them to Ro, a girl he had found on an island after she became stranded there from an apparent shipwreck. Peter soon introduced Antonio to Luciana as his bride to be (to Antonio's shock) and also her Mother, Queen Ariana.

Antonio later met with Peter in his attempts to tell him about his love for Ro and not Luciana, but Peter refused to listen to what he had to say (while also disliking how uncivilised she supposedly was). During Antonio and Luciana's engagement ball, Peter and Danielle were there to greet the guests. When the two saw Ro, they were shocked at how different she looked. Annoyed at how Antonio obviously was in love with Ro as opposed to Luciana, Ariana approached Peter about moving up the two's wedding day (which Peter agreed with). When Peter told Antonio about this, Antonio objected because of how he didn't love Luciana and ended up abdicating his throne since he loved Ro more (to Peter's fury).

Soon enough, all of the animals in the kingdom (Tallulah included) became ill with a sleeping sickness. Frasier told Peter and Danielle that Ro and her animals were supposedly behind it and as a result, Peter had them imprisoned in the dungeons. When Antonio objected to this, Peter offered to let them go free if Antonio resumed his royal duties and married Luciana (to Antonio's reluctant agreement).

During Antonio and Luciana's wedding, the ceremony got interrupted by Ro's Elephant, Tika, who convinced Antonio to come with her (where Antonio saw Ro being taken away by a palace guard, who he freed her from). When Peter angrily questioned this, Antonio stated their agreement about allowing Ro to go free. After Ariana attempted to state what Ro and her animals were apparently doing, Roe stated that they were actually trying to cure the sickened animals. After Peter was convinced of this by Danielle when Tallulah revealed she had been cured, Ro stated that Ariana was behind everything and even poisoned the wedding food (which Luciana confirmed after recalling Ariana had told her not to eat it).

After Ariana was stopped and the animals she poisoned were cured, Peter apologised to Ro for having assumed the worst from her. After Antonio approached Ro about marrying her (which she accepted), Peter watched this and interrupted when Antonio convinced him to not have him marry some princess. After Peter accepted this and welcomed her to their family, she told him her actual name is Rosella. This shocked a woman approaching them who had a daughter called Rosella and revealed that Ro is actually a princess. Peter later attended Antonio and Ro's wedding.


King Peter is very strict and serious but is a worthy and thoughtful king and protects his subjects. He wanted his son, Prince Antonio to marry royalty and help run the kingdom. He was worried about Antonio's love for adventure. Peter used to love adventure just as much as Antonio did. At the beginning of the film and throughout most of it he disapproved of Princess Rosella and was even more disturbed by his son's love for her. 

The king seemed to care little for his son's happiness, telling Antonio calmly that he was going to marry Luciana, although deep down he truly does care but has a hard way of showing it sometimes. At the end of the movie he was shown to be caring enough to allow Rosella and Antonio to be together even without knowing that Rosella is a princess.

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