King Nereus of Seagundia is a character in Barbie: The Pearl Princess. He rules the kingdom of Seagundia with his wife, Queen Lorelei, and their daughter is Princess Lumina. He is voiced by Mark Oliver.


When Lumina was born, Nereus's brother-in-law Caligo wanted his own son Fergis to be the heir to the throne. As Lorelei and Nereus's only child, Lumina was the rightful heir, so Caligo arranged with Scylla to kidnap Lumina in exchange for payment. Scylla and Lumina lived in a sea cave on the outskirts of the kingdom. For seventeen years, Lorelei and Nereus remained distraught about the disappearance of their daughter. They stopped doing their royal duties and locked themselves in the royal castle. The citizens missed them, but Caligo's only concern was them giving Fergis the Pearl of the Sea, making him the new heir.

Lorelei and Nereus agreed to make Fergis the new heir, even though Lorelei had hoped the Pearl of the Sea and the kingdom would go to Lumina. Caligo arranged a royal ball so Fergis could meet a mermaid to be his wife, and there would be a toast to Fergis. Caligo asked Scylla to poison the king's merberry nectar at the toast so he would die, as he had grown impatient waiting for Lorelei and her husband to die of natural causes.

Scylla agreed to poison the king and went to the castle. Lumina followed Scylla to Seagundia after Scylla forgot her invitation to the ball. While in Seagundia, Lumina got a job at Salon La Mer and got an invitation of her own to the ball. At the royal ball, Scylla revealed that she had tried to poison the king. The Trident Squad, Caligo's loyal guards, tried to get to Scylla. Lumina used her pearl magic to protect Scylla, and Lorelei and Nereus told her it was the royal gift. Scylla revealed to Lorelei that Lumina was her daughter, and Lumina hugged her parents and the royal family was reunited.


  • King Nereus is named after Nereus, the Greek sea god.
  • His wife has pearl magic since it is the royal gift, so he is only royal by marriage.
  • He could be blonde, as it was passed on to Lumina.
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