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Kevin is a supporting character in The Barbie Diaries. He is voiced by Matt Hill. Kevin is one of Barbie's best friends, and also one of her love interests.


At the end of summer, in which Kevin made 26 short movies, Kevin enters his sophomore year at high school. He has a crush on his best friend Barbie, but is scared to tell her in case their friendship is ruined by the revelation. His other friends, Courtney and Tia, persuade him to tell Barbie about his feelings, but instead he sends her secret admirer notes. Barbie thinks they are from Todd, a student she has a crush on. After seeing how happy Barbie was when she thought they were from Todd, Kevin decided not to tell her.

Barbie figures out the notes are from Kevin by the style, and the words he used (such as rhyming "scary" with "library"). He admits that he has special feelings for her at the Fall Formal, their prom, and they dance together.

Physical Appearance[]

Kevin is a teenage boy with short brown hair, light blue eyes and light tan skin. He is a teenage boy in his Sophomore year at high school.


Barbie considers Kevin to be a good, sweet, funny, and talented friend. They have a tradition of watching movies and eating snacks that start with a certain letter. Kevin is shy and reluctant to reveal his romantic feelings for Barbie at first, because he values their friendship too much. He is normally goofy and loves to make Barbie laugh.

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