Kelly is a minor character in Barbie in the Nutcracker, voiced by Chantal Strand. She has an older sister named Barbie. While Barbie was practicing ballet steps with Kelly, Kelly felt that she would never be able to master the routine. To give Kelly a confidence boost, Barbie told Kelly the story of a girl named Clara. Clara was a courageous girl, and hearing Barbie's story let Kelly believe she could be brave on stage.


Kelly is little girl who is meant to perform the "Sugar Plum Fairy" dance in public. Her elder sister Barbie teaches her how to dance, but Kelly was unable to get the steps right. When she wanted to quit Barbie decided to tell Kelly a story about Clara. Afterwards, Kelly understood that she shouldn't give up, and that she should be brave. The sisters repeat the dance again, only this time Kelly can perform the dance perfectly.

Physical Appearance

Kelly is a young girl with light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her hair is tied back in a bun with short bangs. Her appearance resembles the young Snow fairy and also the Peppermint Girl (her roles in the film). Kelly wears a pink ballet outfit with tights and pink slippers with little flowers.


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  • She is the first character to be afraid of dancing on stage. The second is Hannah from the movie Barbie in the Pink Shoes.
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