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James is a character from the animated series Barbie: It Takes Two. James is a drummer. He calls himself a "rocker on a budget" and goes to Blown Speaker Studios to record music.


In "Studio Sleuths", The Barbies record a song at Blown Speaker Studios. Brooklyn's phone goes missing, as well as the music engineer's keys. The Barbies treat everyone in the building as suspects, including James. They interrogate James and he says his drumsticks are also missing. Malibu's sister Chelsea concludes out that Gato must have stolen the objects, so Brooklyn alerts everyone that the thief has been found. James and everyone else run after Gato and find that he stole the objects as romantic gifts for the new studio dog, Guinevere. James retrieves his drumsticks.

Physical Appearance[]

James has black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. His hair is shaved on the sides and longer on the top. He wears a white v-neck t-shirt, a turquoise hoody, a beige jacket, light blue jeans, and blue and white sneakers.


James likes rock music and thinks it would be cool to have solid gold drumsticks.