It's Nasty Being a Toad is a song from the Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow soundtrack. It is performed by Laverna and the Fungi.


Ever end a conversation with a ribbit?
Ever had to use a tongue to find a meal?
Are you awoken by endless croakin' and new warts that keep on pokin' through?
Then you may know just how I feel

Who'd have thought I would've ended up a swamp queen
From a little berry-eating episode
Now I'm stuck in the stink and muck of a bug bog of goo and guck
And you know, it's nasty being a toad

Won't some sweet fairy come and save me from this fate?
It only takes one certain spell
Then I'll be free to be the me you love to hate
We could have it all--if you help me I'll never tell

It's humiliating sitting on a mushroom
Tryin' to balance on a plus-sized derriere
Tail that's snapping and skin that's chapping and two awkward flippers flapping
And I've not a single thing to wear

Won't some sweet fairy come and save me from this scene?
You have my promise I'll behave
Won't someone come and help a bug-eyed evil queen?
This amphibian wants to shed her skin and be saved

I recall the days when I was beautiful
Turning heads and catching people's eyes
Now instead the heads all turn away from me
And the only thing I'm catching here are flies

See Laverna turn a shade of greenish yellow

A reflection of this awful atmosphere

Slimy slugs that bite, grimy bugs in flight

Why me?

She's lost her appetite

Somebody get me out of here

Won't some sweet fairy come and show Laverna love
It only takes one tiny spell
Then she'll be free to be the queen we're fearful of
For her attitude, grumpy, mean and rude, quick to yell

If I don't find a way to leave this stinky bog
I'm pretty sure I will explode
So let's all put our lumpy heads together now
Come up with a plan, make it happen and hit the road!
Then we'll visit everyone who sent us packing
You can bet they're gonna get what they are owed
They will pay for this metamorphosis--then we'll be back in business!
Oh, it's nasty being a toad
So nasty being a toad
It's nasty being a toad

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