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For other similarly named characters, see Princess Isla.

Isla is a character in Barbie Dolphin Magic. She is voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent. Isla is a mermaid and she is friends with the Gemstone Dolphins. When the dolphins are captured by a marine biologist named Marlo, Isla sets out to rescue them.


Isla is swimming with her Gemstone Dolphin friends, Emerald, Topaz, Ruby and Amethyst. They see a fishing boat at the surface, so they swim away from it. Emerald, the green dolphin, gets curious and goes towards the boat. He gets captured and Isla goes after him. He gets taken to Marlo's research facility on an island, where Ken is doing a marine biology internship.

Barbie, her sisters and their puppies come to the island to visit Ken. Barbie, Skipper and Ken go free diving and see Isla. Skipper takes a blurry photo of Isla and they follow her to the research facility using a speedboat. At the island resort, Stacie and Chelsea see Emerald at the enclosure, so they go there as well.

Isla gets to the research facility before anyone else, but hides when she hears the speedboat approaching. Barbie and her sisters look at Emerald with Ken. They see that Emerald wants to leave, but Marlo stops Ken from unlocking the enclosure. She says Emerald is under observation because he is sick, and a vet will check him the following day. Marlo tells everyone to leave, but the puppies stay behind. They see Isla transform into her tail into legs using her necklace, and Isla gets caught by Barbie when she tries to free Emerald.

Barbie tells Isla that Emerald is here because Marlo wants him to be checked by a vet. Isla says Emerald is green because he is a Gemstone Dolphin, not because he is sick. She reveals that she knows a few Gemstone Dolphins. Isla agrees to wait for the vet to check on Emerald the following afternoon, as long as Barbie doesn't tell anyone about the other Gemstone Dolphins. Barbie invites Isla to hang out with her and her sisters, so Isla goes to Barbie's cabin at the resort.

Barbie introduces Isla to her sisters. Isla sees Skipper's photo of her as a mermaid and says it could be anything since there are many weird sea creatures. Barbie suggests that it might be a Gemstone Dolphin. Isla reminds Barbie that she agreed not to tell anyone. Barbie apologizes and says that sisters tell each other everything. Isla says they have to keep it secret because they can't trust humans. After realizing this sounds strange, she says they can't trust people. Isla goes to the resort's sandwich bar with Barbie and her sisters. She tries bread for the first time and loves the dry texture.

In the evening, they go back to the sandwich bar. Isla and Barbie play the shell game, and Isla is introduced to Ken. Isla watches Barbie and her sisters do an impromptu song about their sisterhood. Before Ken leaves, Isla says it doesn't seem right to keep sea creatures in captivity. Barbie invites Isla to sleepover at their cabin and gives a spare toothbrush and pajamas. Isla immediately falls asleep when she feels how soft the bed is. In the morning, Isla doesn't wake up until she hears Barbie mention breakfast sandwiches.

After breakfast, Isla wants to go see Emerald. Barbie says Ken will take care of Emerald until the vet arrives and suggests they go swimming instead. Isla reluctantly agrees. The other Gemstone Dolphins (Topaz, Amethyst and Ruby) find Isla. Ruby touches Isla's necklace, transforming her legs into a mermaid tail in front of Barbie. Isla tells Barbie to keep it a secret that she is a mermaid because she doesn't trust humans other than Barbie and her sisters. Isla teaches Barbie how to swim like a mermaid and she finds an underwater cave. She explores it with Ruby.

Meanwhile, near the facility, Marlo tells a man named Hugo that she wants to transport Emerald in an hour. They talk about making money off of Emerald. Barbie's sisters overhear and Skipper takes a photo of the logo on Hugo's helicopter. At the cave, Isla tells Barbie there is a confusing maze of tunnels inside. They realize that the Gemstone Dolphins are gone and assume they are going to the facility to find Emerald. They follow the dolphins.

Marlo captures the other Gemstone Dolphins. Isla finds the trapped dolphins and gets upset that she trusted humans to help her. Isla goes off on her own to try and free the dolphins by herself. Barbie comes up with a plan to get a code to unlock the dolphin's enclosure, but first, she apologizes to Isla. As part of the plan, Isla transforms her legs into a tail and splashes water near Marlo. While Marlo is distracted, Skipper hacks the remote for the enclosure gate. At the facility, Isla thanks everyone for helping and reveals her tail to everyone.

As Skipper tries to put in the new code, it fails. Isla and the dolphins hide underwater when they see Marlo, who says she changed the code after Skipper hacked her. Marlo sees that the enclosure pool is empty and Barbie says the dolphins have escaped. Marlo and Hugo rush to the helicopter to see if they can spot the dolphins from the air. Isla and the dolphins resurface in the pool and say they hid in an underwater tunnel. Isla thinks it is connected to the cave they found earlier and they could use it to escape, but the tunnels are confusing.

Barbie says they could use a signal from the other side of the tunnels. This gives Isla the idea to use her necklace. She gives a shell from her necklace to Barbie and says if two merpeople hold a shell, it creates a current of light and color that can be followed underwater. It should also work with friends of mermaids and will lead Isla right to Barbie. Barbie goes to the cave entrance and the shells make the water glow and create a trail of light. Isla and the dolphins get through the tunnels and get to Barbie.

Hugo and Marlo chase Isla and the dolphins using their helicopter. Isla turns her tail into legs and gets on a speedboat driven by Ken. The dolphins swim alongside the boat, but Isla says she will have to swim with the dolphins when the water gets shallow. She tells Barbie to keep her shell and transforms her legs into a tail. Once Marlo sees Isla as a mermaid, she wants to capture her instead of the dolphins.

Barbie covers herself in seaweed and wears flippers so that her silhouette looks like a mermaid. Marlo and Hugo capture Barbie instead of Isla. Isla tells Barbie's sisters that she will never forget them and she swims to safety with the dolphins.

Later, Skipper deletes her photo of Isla's tail, saying it's not her secret to tell. Barbie keeps holding her shell underwater in hopes of reuniting with Isla someday. Isla finally finds Barbie and says she was only able to find her because Barbie kept trying; Isla was able to get closer to finding Barbie each time. Isla thanks Barbie for not giving up on her and Barbie says she would never give up on her "sister of the sea".

Physical Appearance[]

Isla is a mermaid with long brunette and bright pink hair, light green eyes and light brown skin. She wears a blue and purple necklace with a shiny seashell attached to it, which allows her to transform her tail into legs. As a mermaid, she has a shimmery purple tail and wears a purple tube top with pearls lining it. There is a blue starfish and two purple shells on the tube top. While she has legs, Isla wears a bright blue tropical sundress with a coral reef print on the skirt and blue flip-flops. At the sleepover, Isla wears light blue seahorse-print pajamas with pink detailing, which she borrowed from Barbie. When Isla goes swimming while she has legs, she wears a purple tankini top and bottoms that have light blue stripes and a colorful coral reef print on the sides.


Isla can transform her tail into legs and vice versa using her necklace. She is able to communicate with the Gemstone dolphins. She can breathe air and has the power of aerokinesis (also known as air manipulation) because she is a mermaid of air.


Isla is passionate about saving the Gemstones Dolphins and she is determined and assertive while trying to rescue them. At first, Isla distrusts humans and is secretive about being a mermaid because she believes humans would take advantage if they knew. She initially believes she can rescue the dolphins by herself, but she learns to trust humans and works in a team to rescue her dolphin friends. She thinks it is wrong to keep sea creatures in captivity to study them.

Isla doesn't understand human slang, such as Ken saying he is "pooped" and going to "hit the hay" when he is tired. She also doesn't know what a toothbrush is. Isla likes how soft human beds are, and she also enjoys eating sandwiches. She is a very heavy sleeper, but she wakes up instantly when she hears Barbie mention "breakfast sandwiches."


  • (To the puppies) "Quiet down, dolphins of the land."
  • (After Barbie mentions the Gemstone Dolphins) "It'll be our little secret, okay? You can't trust humans, you know?"
  • (After hearing the word "sandwich") "You mean like a witch made of sand?"
  • "Mm! Oh... I love bread! It's so... dry."
  • "I can't exactly talk to dolphins. It's more like we "get" each other."
  • (After Barbie sees her tail) "Not everyone is like you. Some people would try to take advantage of others' specialness. You can't tell anyone, not even your sisters."
  • (To Barbie, after the dolphins are captured) "I never should have trusted you! I could have gotten him out on my own, but now they're all trapped!"
  • (After getting help to save the dolphins) "I can't thank you all enough... but especially Barbie. You've been such a good friend to me... and it's a hard thing to ask a friend to keep a secret for you. Especially from her sisters."
  • "Thank you guys for keeping my secret too... and these are my puppies of the sea. You know Emerald, and this is Topaz, Amethyst and Ruby!"
  • (After reuniting with Barbie) "Thanks for not giving up on me."


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