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"I'm Flying" is a song performed in Barbie Live! in Fairytopia. It is the opening number to Act 1 of the musical, sung by Elina, the fairies and the pixies. "I'm Flying (Reprise)" is the finale song sung at the end of Act 2 of the musical by Elina and the cast.

"I'm Flying" Lyrics

Elina: Oh what a day
The sun is shining
Just like tomorrow and yesterday
The sky is blue
The garden's growing
What a wonderful day to play
What shall we do?
Let's have a party!

Pixies: Then climb a tree and play hide-and-seek
Where should we go?
How 'bout the meadow?
Down by the creek, we're flying

Pixies and fairies everywhere
Far as the eye can see
Sliding and gliding through the air...
Elina: Not me...

Pixie Girl (spoken): Tag, you're it! Try to catch me!

Pixie Girl: I'll race you there
You'll never catch me
Elina: Oh yes I will
Pixie Girl: No way, you're too slow!
Elina: I'll race you both
And also Bibble
Pixies: Ready, set, go
We're flying

Whirling and twirling through the wind
Racing across the sky
Listen, Elina, meet us there
Elina: I'll try...

Pixie Boy (spoken) Catch me if you can! Oops, missed again!

Pixies: Welcome to our Fairytopia
This is a great place to be
Ask any fairy who's here and they'll agree
Where else do lilies and daffodils
Grow up to be ten feet tall?
All of us think life is perfect
Elina: Well, almost all

Pixie Girl: Hey, what do you call a fairy without wings?
Pixie Boy: Nothing?
Pixie Girl: Yeah, who'd want to call a wingless fairy?

Pixies: Endless adventure fill our days
Nothing but endless fun
There's not a single thing we'd change
Elina: Well, I can think of one

"I'm Flying (Reprise)" Lyrics

Elina: Well look at me
I finally got 'em
I got my wings, I've waited so long
I can't believe I really got 'em
I sure feel like I belong

Cast: Who would've thought?
It's quite amazing.
So give her room
She's gonna take flight
A minute more
And she'll be floating into the night
Elina: I'm trying

Cast: Can't wait to see her zooming by
Tall as the highest plant
Soon we will see her touch the sky
Elina: I can't

Cast: Lift a wing
And then the other
Now raise your head and hold it like so
Just one more thing
Look to the sky and let yourself go
Elina: I'm trying

Can't seem to get the hang of this
No matter how I try
Flying is just too hard to do

Cast: Think what a hero you were today
Look how you rescued the town
You made Laverna and all her men back down
All of your friends here believe in you
Flying may be touch, but still
We know you'll do it
Elina (spoken): Oh no
Cast: Oh yes
Elina (spoken): No way
Cast: We say you will!

Well, la-di-da!
Look at Elina!
Elina: My heart is pounding
Cast: That never ends
Elina: I can't believe I really did it
Thanks to my friends, I'm flying!

Oh boy, oh boy
Oh, what a feeling
To race the wind and go with the flow
A perfect day
A perfect ending
Cast: Look at her glow
Elina: I'm flying!

Cast: Here is the lesson to be learned
No matter who you are
Just be the best that you can be
And that will take you far
And that will take you far
And that will take you far!



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