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Hugo is a minor antagonist in Barbie Dolphin Magic. He is voiced by Paul Dobson. Hugo owns a sideshow company.


Marlo, the owner of a marine research facility, asks Hugo to meet up with her after she acquires a Gemstone Dolphin named Emerald. Skipper and Stacie see Hugo arrive in his helicopter, and assume he is a vet who will check on Emerald. She tells Hugo that she wants to transport Emerald to the mainland facility immediately. Hugo says his rates will go up and Marlo will make a lot of money because of Emerald. Marlo sternly tells Hugo that he won't make any money if they don't leave with as soon as possible, which annoys Hugo. Hugo is contacted by Marlo again after she manages to capture the other Gemstone Dolphins. Skipper takes a photo of Hugo's helicopter logo and searches for it on the internet. She finds out that Hugo is a criminal who owns a sideshow company.

Skipper tells Barbie and Ken about Hugo. Hugo and Marlo plan to take the dolphins out of the facility using Hugo's helicopter. A mermaid friend of the Gemstone Dolphins, Isla, makes the dolphins hide in an underwater tunnel in their enclosure when Marlo and Hugo go to collect them. The dolphins swim through the tunnel with Isla and escape from the research facility. Hugo and Marlo chase the dolphins using the helicopter until Marlo spots Isla. Marlo orders Hugo to go capture Isla instead, so he primes his net-launcher. Barbie disguises herself as Isla and gets caught in the net instead. Hugo lands the helicopter and checks the net with Marlo. Marlo asks Hugo if they really saw a mermaid. Hugo says he doesn't know what he saw, but he feels like he wasted his time. He leaves in his helicopter.

Physical Appearance[]

Hugo is an adult man with short dark brown hair, blue eyes and light skin. He is short and stout with a big nose, strong jaw, thick eyebrows, and a walrus mustache. Hugo wears a dark red shirt with pineapples, leaves and red flowers on it. He also wears khaki pants, with black socks and brown sandals. His accessories are a gold watch and a blue cap. Hugo's cap has his sideshow company's logo on it, which is a walrus wearing a top hat and monocle.


Hugo is materialistic and is willing to exploit animals to make money.


  • [To Marlo] "That Gemstone Dolphin's gonna make you a fortune... and my rates just went up."
  • [When he sees Isla as a mermaid] "Is that for real?"
  • [After Marlo asks if he saw a mermaid] "I'm not sure what I saw... but what I do know is that I came out here for nothing! Good riddance, Marlo."


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