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Hugo's helicopter is a vehicle in Barbie: Dolphin Magic. It is red, yellow and black, and it has a logo of a walrus wearing a top hat and a monocle. The helicopter has a net-catcher.


Marlo wants to profit from a Gemstone Dolphins named Emerald, who she has in captivity in her research facility on an island. Ken is doing a marine biology internship there, and he is visited by Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. When they see Emerald, Marlo lies that a vet is flying in to check Emerald the following afternoon. Hugo flies in the following morning. Stacie and Skipper assume he is the vet, so the girls go to the facility to say goodbye to Emerald.

On the way, the girls get a closer look at the helicopter. Stacie is impressed by it, and Chelsea thinks the walrus logo is cute. Skipper thinks it is a weird logo for a vet. The girls overhear Marlo telling Hugo that she wants to transport Emerald to the mainland facility in an hour, and Hugo says the Emerald is going to make her a lot of money. The girls realize Hugo is not a vet, so Skipper takes a photo of the logo. Skipper runs a recognition scan over the photo. She discovers that the logo is for a sideshow company that Hugo owns.

Marlo captures the other Gemstone Dolphins, so Isla swims into their enclosure and hides underwater with the dolphins. Barbie tells Marlo that the dolphins escaped. Marlo and Hugo get in the helicopter to find them. Isla and Barbie help the dolphins to escape from the enclosure, and then the girls get in a speedboat driven by Ken while the dolphins swim alongside it. Marlo tells Hugo to chase them, but Ken out-maneuvers the helicopter. While flying low, Marlo sees Isla and wants to capture her instead of the dolphins. Hugo shoots a net out of the helicopter and accidentally captures Barbie, who disguised herself as Isla. Isla and the dolphins get away safely.

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