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Honey is a character in Barbie: Dolphin Magic. She is a puppy that belongs to Chelsea.


Honey goes to an island with Barbie, her sisters and the other puppies. They visit Ken during his marine biology internship at Marlo's research facility. When Honey and the others arrive at the resort, they get excited and explore their cabin. Ken visits the cabin and the puppies greet him. Ken invites everyone to go free diving. The puppies wait on a speedboat while Barbie, Skipper and Ken go diving. The puppies laugh at DJ when he gets scared by a turtle. Skipper takes a blurry photo of a mermaid named Isla. Skipper, Barbie and Ken get back in the speedboat and follow Isla to Marlo's marine research facility where Ken works. Isla hides when she hears the speedboat approaching.

Honey and the other puppies are curious about Emerald, a green dolphin locked in an enclosure at the facility. Marlo claims Emerald needs to be checked by a vet and tells everyone to leave, but the puppies get left behind. The puppies see Isla turn her tail into human legs. Isla calls the puppies "dolphins of the land" and says her being a mermaid is their secret. The puppies follow Isla as she tries to free her friend Emerald. Barbie goes to get them. Barbie meets Isla, who says Emerald is a Gemstone Dolphin. The puppies are excited when they arrive back at the cabin. They stay behind while the girls go to the sandwich bar. Barbie invites Isla to sleep over at their cabin, so Ken takes care of the puppies overnight.

In the morning, the puppies go back to the girls' cabin. The puppies run over to Isla, and Honey leaps into Chelsea's arms. The other Gemstone Dolphins get captured. Barbie comes up with a plan to get the code to unlock the dolphins' enclosure to prevent Marlo from exploiting them. The puppies are grouped with Chelsea and Ken for the plan. They need the code the enclosure gate code from Marlo's remote. Ken chats with Marlo while she eats lunch, and Chelsea puts a slice of cheese on Marlo's shoe. Honey tries to eat the cheese, which distracts Marlo while Chelsea steals the remote.

Skipper syncs the remote to her tablet and gets the code. At the facility, Isla calls the Gemstone Dolphins her "puppies of the sea." The code doesn't work, so the puppies wait at the facility while Barbie guides Isla and the dolphins through underwater tunnels, away from Marlo's facility. Honey is on the speedboat driven by Ken as Isla and the dolphins escape. Honey and the others are sad when Isla and the dolphins leave. At the beach, Honey helps Chelsea to build a sandcastle. Isla and the dolphins come to the beach and Honey greets Isla with the other puppies. Chelsea holds Honey as they watch Gemstone Dolphins swim in the ocean.

Physical Appearance[]

Honey is a puppy with light fur. She has brown eyes, a black nose, and she wears a light purple collar with three dark purple flowers on it.


Honey is friendly, loud and gets excited easily. She is curious and interested in sea creatures. Honey likes eating treats, playing with the other puppies and exploring new places.

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