Hilarion is a character in Barbie in The Pink Shoes. He is the secondary male role in the ballet, Giselle from France, and he is voiced by Kyle Rideout. Throughout the course of the movie, he is seen most of the time with Prince Albrecht.


Original Story

For more information, see Hilarion in Wikipedia. In the original ballet, Hilarion is a forester who is in love with Giselle and is confident at winning her, especially as he is good friends with her mother, Berthe, who considers him a fine match for her daughter. However, Hilarion's chances of winning Giselle are shattered when she falls in love with Duke Albrecht, disguised as a peasant.

When seeing Albrecht and Giselle together, Hilarion becomes bitterly jealous and declares his love for Giselle, but she rejects him. However, Hilarion later witnesses a meeting between Albrecht and his squire and breaks into Albrecht's cottage to find some clues about who he really is.

After a while, he finds Albrecht's sword and realises that he is deceiving Giselle and wastes no time in telling her the truth. But the outcome is not what Hilarion hopes for as Giselle goes mad and dies. After her death, Hilarion keeps vigil by Giselle's grave, but one night he encounters the Wilis, who force him into an endless dance and once he has no strength left, they drown him in a nearby lake.

Role in Barbie in the Pink Shoes

Hilarion shows up when Prince Albrecht asks for Giselle's hand in marriage, saying Albrecht is a prince acting as a page to trick Giselle. He than fights with Albrecht about who deserves Giselle. Hilarion is a skilled marksman whose hunting skills prove to be very useful and much better than Albrecht's skills of flipping a coin to make his decisions. Hilarion, along with Albrecht, work together to aid Kristyn Farraday (as Giselle) to the Snow Queen's palace to save Hailey. In this movie, Hilarion doesn't die, his story was changed, because Kristyn didn't die as Giselle in the original did. He and Albrecht become friends and decide to unite to help Kristyn.


Hilarion is a simple and brave man. He is hardworking and defends his village. He is trustworthy too.

Physical Appearance

Hilarion has light skin, blonde hair and hazel eyes.


  • In the original story, Hilarion is a gamekeeper.
  • He looks very much like a scout in the movie.


  • "Giselle and I milked our first cow together! Remember Giselle? I gave you your first bucket!"
  • "You don't look a day over sixteen!"
  • "You missed by twenty feet! And now they're gone!"
  • "Turns out, he is a... uh... willing marksman. He can come in handy!"
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