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"Here On My Island" is a song featured in Barbie as The Island Princess. It is the first song on the Barbie as The Island Princess soundtrack, and, in the movie, it is performed by the characters Rosella, Azul, Sagi and Tika. The song is about how pleasant and fun their island is.


Ro: Here on my island
The sea says hello
Dolphins are waving
Wherever I go
There's a song on the breeze
And a home in the trees
Friends I can talk with
Whenever I please

Azul: Here on my island
The playgrounds are great
Sagi: Slide every slide
Tika: And you don't have to wait
Ro: There's so much to be seen
Tika: From our new trampoline
All: Finding adventure's our
Daily routine

Sagi: Birds and bananas
Azul: And comfy cabañas
Ro: And shell covered vases to fill
Sagi: Coconut glasses
Tika: And mint with molasses
Azul: And pineapple patties to grill

Ro: Here on my island
There's nothing but fun
Sagi: Vines you can swing from
Azul: A nap in the sun
Tika: There are mud pies to make
Sagi: There are branches to shake
All: Treasures await any
Road that you take

Ro: I'll take the high path
Sagi: And I'll take the low path
Azul: And I'll take the path
Through the sky
Ro: I'll jump the river
Sagi: And I'll climb the mountain
Tika: And I'll stay here
Guarding the pie

All: Here on our island
The days are a dream
Hanging together
We work as a team
And the magic extends
From our family of friends
Here on our island
The fun never ends

Barbie as The Island Princess
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Quote: "There may be miracles awaiting. They may be closer than we know. When we have love to guide us as we go"

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