Hannah is a minor character in Barbie in the Pink Shoes and main character in Land of Sweets. She is a young girl who learns ballet from Madame Natasha. She is voiced by Ali Liebert.


Barbie in the Pink Shoes

While Hannah is practicing "The Dance of the Cygnets" with three other girls, she is scolded for not focusing during the dance. But Madame Natasha says she'll be perfect if she just adds precision to her dancing. In the end, she is seen performing "The Dance of the Cygnets".

Christmas Special: Land of Sweets

She doesn't feel brave enough for performing her dance show. She and Kristyn transported to a magical world named The Land of Cockaigne with her pink shoes. They're dancing together and they're returned magically in the stage and everyone claps for them.

Physical Appearance

  • Training outfit
  • Last performance dress
  • Christmas Special Outfit
Hannah has blonde hair, light skin and blue eyes.

Training outfit

During her practice she wears a black leotard, white tight and white ballet shoes.

Last performance dress

In her performance she wears a pink tutu, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. she has a pink flower on her hair and a pink flower necklace.

Christmas Special

She wears a pink tutu the same like Kristyn.


  • "We're wearing the Sugar Plum Fairy dresses, and Piurette wears a tutu."
  • (Kristyn: What's wrong Hannah?") "Kristyn, I can't imagine myself as the Sugar Plum Fairy."
  • "Wow their beautiful. There so sparkling. Where are we?" (Kristyn: "Land of Sweets")
  • "Wow! Just beautiful. And they can dance incredibly well. That was just wonderful!"
  • "Do you hear the music? It's the snowflakes dance."


  • There are three Chelsea sized characters who appear as dolls in the Barbie in The Pink Shoes merchandise. Hannah may be inspired by the blonde one, but instead of the white kitten with pink tutu as a pet she has the orange dog with purple tutu on her bad, which in the merchandise comes with the strawberry blonde haired girl.
  • The movie Barbie in the Nutcracker, Kelly Barbie's little sister doesn't feel brave enough to dance on stage and Hannah feels like she seemed not be like the Suger Plum Princess and won't make it.  Near the end from Movie Kelly does her Steps correctly and Barbie gave her little sister a great hug and Kelly gave her kiss on her cheek and From the Land of Sweets, Hannah feels brave enough to dance on stage along with Krystin and everone applause.
Barbie in The Pink Shoes
Barbie in The Pink Shoes Digital Copy

Quote: "Listen to the beat of your heart and keep on dancing"

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