Hadley is best friends with Fallon & me. She's a dreamer, imaginative & sweet. Hadley is so stoked I'm half mermaid!

Merliah describes Hadley in her scrapbook.

Hadley is a character in the Barbie in A Mermaid Tale series. She is best friends with Fallon Casey, and the protagonist of the film, Merliah Summers. She is amazed and fascinated by mermaids and thinks that Merliah being a mermaid is beautiful.

Physical Appearance

In the first film, she has long brown hair with highlights. She has her hair in a ponytail tied with a purple hairband, and she wears two hairclips. She wears little earrings. In the sequel, she has strawberry blonde hair. Hadley's eyes are hazel. She wears a purple bikini top with matching shorts, and a pink mobile watch so she can communicate with Fallon and Merliah quickly.


Hadley is an imaginative girl, who is sometimes random. She isn't as athletic as Merliah or Fallon, but she loves to cheer them on and have group hugs. She is a daydreamer and her friends think she is funny, sweet and silly. She is excited when she finds out Merliah is half-mermaid and is friendly to Zuma, a talking dolphin.


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  • "There is something deep and intense going on here."
  • "Craziness doesn't explain your hair, but being half mermaid might!"
  • "It's not made up! It's real mermaid fact; Liah's proof!"
  • "This is real. Zuma is Liah's mermaid spirit guide, right?"
  • "A mer-princess... Oh, that's so beautiful..."
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