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The fairy guardians in Barbie Fairytopia.

The Guardians of Fairytopia are characters in the Barbie Fairytopia series. There are seven guardian fairies whose task is to watch over the seven provinces of Fairytopia.

The Guardians

  • Ruby, associated with red.
  • Topaz, associated with orange and the guardian of the Magic Meadow.
  • Tourmaline, associated with yellow.
  • Green Guardian Fairy, associated with green.
  • Azura, associated with blue and the guardian of Fairy Town.
  • Indigo Guardian Fairy, associated with indigo.
  • Amethyst, associated with violet.

Physical Appearance

The Guardians from the third movie.

They are dressed in colors that resemble that those of the rainbow, however, their appearance change from the first to the third movie and the following changes in the lineup occur:

  • Topaz is now associated with yellow.
  • Tourmaline is associated with orange.
  • Green Guardian Fairy has now blonde hair.
  • Indigo Guardian Fairy has now tan skin and purple hair.

Powers and Abilities

Laverna created a special type of magic that surpassed the guardians, and trapped them in her castle. Each of them has a special necklace, given by the Enchantress herself. They were so desirable by Laverna, who wanted to absorb its powers to herself. Aside their task to protect the seven provinces of Fairytopia, the Guardians has the duty to perform the Flight of Spring every year. 

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