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Grandma Roberts is a character who is mentioned in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. She is the grandmother of Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea.


In "Welcome to the Dreamhouse!", Barbie and her family move into the new Dreamhouse. Chelsea doesn't like the new house. When Barbie was around Chelsea's age, she moved to California from Wisconsin (where Grandma Roberts lives), so Barbie could relate to how Chelsea was feeling. Grandma Roberts taught Barbie that as long as you're with the people you love, you'll always be home. Barbie uses that to comfort Chelsea. A squirrel gets into the Dreamhouse, and when it gets released, Barbie says they'll find a home for it. Chelsea repeats what Grandma Roberts said about home being any place you're with the people you love.

In "Nobody's Cupcake", Barbie competes in an extreme baking show called Bake 'Til You Ache. Her rival, Tammy, is cheating, so Skipper tells Barbie to quit. Barbie reflects on when she was younger and struggling to play a hard song on the piano. Grandma Roberts told Barbie at the time, "The only sure way to fail, is to not try at all." It taught Barbie that she shouldn't quit even if something seems possible, because quitting would mean she'd never know what might have been. This makes Barbie feel more determined, and she succeeds in winning on the show.


Grandma Roberts gives good advice and she is a positive influence on Barbie. Her guidance stays with Barbie for years. She taught Barbie perseverance and told Barbie that home is wherever you're with the people you love.


  • Grandma Roberts is unseen in the show apart from a drawing in "Nobody's Cupcake".