Grandfather Drosselmayer is a character in Barbie in the Nutcracker. He is the overprotective grandfather of Clara and Tommy, and the uncle of Elizabeth Drosselmayer.

He is voiced by French Tickner.


Grandfather Drosselmayer took in Clara and Tommy when their parents died. He is very strict but he loved them. He wished for Clara to stop filling her head with stories from his niece Elizabeth.

When Clara told her grandfather about her adventure in Parthenia, he told her they should go see a doctor. He was not amused when Eric kissed Clara's hand.


Grandfather Drosselmayer is practical. He tells Clara what to do and how to act, and he tells Elizabeth not to talk to Clara about the thing she loves most: adventures. He wants Clara to be a proper young lady. However, Elizabeth encourages him to let Clara grow up.

Physical Appearance

Grandfather Drosselmayer has neat gray hair and long sideburns. He has light skin and dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and he wears glasses that balance on his nose. He is only seen in formal clothing.


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  • "Candles! We need more candles!"
  • "Clara, please, no more daydreaming. We have to finish decorating before out guests arrive!"
  • "Hm, it's about time you got up. I see the mice had a party of their own last night."
  • "I've never heard such a story, even from your aunt!"
  • "What's all this foolishness? Perhaps I should send for a doctor."
  • "Such familiarity. In my day we would never have."

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