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"Goin' To Azura's Cottage" is a song featured in Barbie Live! in Fairytopia. It is performed by Erin Elizabeth Coors as Elina, Rebecca Larkin as Dandelion and Stephanie Linn and Chris Brady as the pixies.


Elina: Great, we'll all go!
Male pixie: We'll what?
Elina: Look, it's your meadow too and you both know the way
Male pixie: Oh, all right.
Female pixie: Fine!
Elina: Let's do it! One, two...
Dandelion: Three!
Female pixie: Four!
Male pixie: Five!

All: We're goin' to Azura's cottage!
Male pixie: It was easier when I flew.
Elina: I know, but we've gotta push on
'Cause our guardian's gone.
It's the only thing we can do!

All: We're goin' to Azura's cottage!
Female pixie: It's very far away, you know.
Elina: I know, but our meadow is brittle
So then, little by little,
We will figure out how to go!

Male pixie: Our flowers are dry!
Elina: But our spirits are high!
All: And who knows when we'll arrive,
But we're goin' to Azura's cottage!
Elina: One, two...
Male pixie: Three!
Dandelion: Four!
Female pixie: Ow!

Elina: What's wrong?
Female pixie: My feet hurt! I'm not used to walking, you know. Not like some people! I think I got a blister!
Elina: If you want to turn back, go ahead. We'll just have to go on without you.
Female pixie: Great! Well, goodbye! Good luck!
Elina: Ready? One, two...
Dandelion: Three!
Male pixie: Four!

All: We're goin' to Azura's cottage
Elina: I'm sure that she can help us, somehow.
All: 'Cause our meadow's in need,
So let's pick up speed,
And it won't be much longer now!

Male pixie: It could take us till forever!
Dandelion: But we'll make it there together!
All: All the way to her front door!
So we're goin' to Azura's cottage!
Elina: One, two...
Dandelion: Three!
Male pixie: Wait!

Elina: Now what?
Male pixie: Can we rest for a little while? I'm tired!
Elina: We can't rest now, it's getting dark, and the sooner we get there, the sooner we can save Topaz!
Male pixie: Well, why don't you all go ahead? I'll just take a little nap and I'll catch up with you later.
Dandelion: But you're the only one who knows how to get there.
Male pixie: Oh, it's just up ahead; through the forest; up the mountain; make a left at the second waterfall, you can't miss it!
Elina: We don't need his help. We'll find it ourselves. One, two, and...
Dandelion: Wait!

Dandelion: Maybe I'm okay to fly!
Elina: I don't know if you should try!
Dandelion: But there's only one way to see!
Both: 'Cause we're goin' to Azura's cottage!
Elina: One and two...

Elina: Are you okay?
Dandelion: I just need to rest a second.
Elina: And then you should go back home.
Dandelion: And leave you two alone? Not a chance.
Elina: Dandelion, it has to be the sickness. You need to go home while you still can. Besides, if you're not home before dark, your mother will worry.
Dandelion: Oh, that's okay. I'll just call her. Darn!
Elina: What?
Dandelion: No service.
Elina: I know, that always happens in the forest.
Dandelion: Are you sure you'll be okay?
Elina: Oh, absolutely. I think...

Elina: Looks like everybody's gone.
Still I think we should go on,
Though it's only just me and you.

Elina: I wonder if we're getting close. We should ask directions at that cottage. Cottage! That's it, Azura's cottage! We're here!

Elina: And we made it to Azura's cottage!
One, two!

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