Glee is a character in Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow. She is voiced by Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau. Glee is a flower fairy like Elina. She was the student of Emerald.


Glee is first seen after Elina leaves her argument with Sunburst. She is seen sat on the edge of her dorm and says to Elina, "Don't let her bother you, I don't think she's a very nice fairy". Elina agrees and introduces herself to Glee, who does the same, then notices Elina's puffball, Bibble.

Glee takes Elina and Bibble to meet her puffball pet Dizzle. Elina and Glee quickly befriend each other, they sit together in most classes and hang around with one another. She and Linden were the only ones who welcomed her to Fairy School.


Glee lives up to her her name, as she is very gleeful. She also has a romantic side to her, because she was very eager to have Bibble meet Dizzle. She loves flowers and butterflies and all the things that have to do with nature.

Physical Appearance

Glee has light skin, brown eyes and purple hair. Her hair is styled into an updo with braids, and her wings are green and translucent. She wears a purple and green dress, and a purple necklace. Her hair, outfit and wings are decorated with flowers.


  • Her name means "Happy".


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