A bold and feisty little boy who lives in the Gingerbread Village.

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Gingerbread Boy is a minor character from Barbie in the Nutcracker. He first appears after Clara and the Nutcracker arrive in Parthenia, hiding in the Gingerbread Village with Peppermint Girl. He is played by Tommy.


Gingerbread Boy and Peppermint Girl were hiding in the abandoned Gingerbread Village ever since they came back from gathering berries with Marzipan the horse. Gingerbread Boy was the first to blame King Eric for Parthenia's problems, leaving Nutcracker to explain about the Prince to Clara. He and the Peppermint Girl accompanied them, but they stayed with Masha in the Treetop Village when Clara, Nutcracker, Captain Candy and Major Mint left to search for the Sugar Plum Princess. Later on, Gingerbread Boy encouraged the villagers in Parthenia to stand up to the Mouse King, although the results weren't perfect at first.


Gingerbread Boy is suspicious of strangers; while his sister runs over to meet Clara and the Nutcracker, he is hesitant. He also comes across as being a bold and serious little boy who is quick to denounce Prince Eric.

Physical Appearance

Gingerbread boy is a little boy with light skin, blue eyes and blond hair first introduced to us at the Gingerbread Village. He also has freckles on his nose. He is usually stern or angry but does smile occasionally.

Gingerbread Boy's outfit resembles a gingerbread man. He wears a hooded all in one suit. The hood is brown with a thick white fur trim and a criss-cross pattern in light brown. There are thin white fur trims across the top and a white bow at the front to secure it. The top of the suit has two white, furry pom poms down the chest. The sleeves are the same brown as the chest and have white furry cuffs, they also have a white fur braid with the same criss-cross pattern on as the hood (from his shoulders to his cuffs). He wears brown mittens on his hands with the same braid as the sleeves going from the top at the left hand side, (around the bottom where his fingers are, around his thumb to the right hand side at the top).

The bottom of his all in one is just brown all the way to his feet, the braiding is around the sides of his feet and the soles of his all in one are brown. He wears a brown bag across his shoulder (from his right shoulder to his left hip at the back). The white braiding is also down the side of the trouser part of his all in one it comes up the side of the arm on the inside, into the armpit, and down the side of the outfit, all the way to his feet.


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