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George Roberts is a character in the animated series Barbie: It Takes Two. He is voiced by Greg Chun. George is Barbie's father. They live in a Dreamhouse with their family and their pets.


Pre-It Takes Two[]

George appeared in the series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, and the movies Barbie Princess Adventure, Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday, and Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams.

George is married to Margaret and they have four daughters: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. They all live in a Dreamhouse in Malibu, California with the girls' puppies (Taffy, DJ, Rookie and Honey). George is a documentary filmmaker. In Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams, George's daughter Barbie goes to New York to do a summer program at Handler Arts Academy. In New York, Barbie meets another girl with the same name as her, so they nickname each other based on where they're from: Barbie is nicknamed Malibu, and the other Barbie is nicknamed Brooklyn.

It Takes Two[]

In "It Takes Two", Malibu's family goes to New York to bring her home to California. Malibu wants to stay in New York with Brooklyn so they can keep going to Handler and have a music career together, but George and Margaret want Malibu to go back to Golden Beach High. To change their minds, Malibu and Brooklyn try showing George and the rest of Malibu's family how great New York is, but it doesn't go well. After Malibu and Brooklyn sing a song about their friendship, their parents give them a standing ovation. George, Margaret, Simone and Kel agree to let the girls go to Handler for the fall semester, with the girls staying at Brooklyn's house instead of the dorms.

In "Festival Fiasco", the Roberts enter the annual Chilli Cook-Off at the California Music & Food Festival. George spent a year creating a new recipe so they wouldn't lose to the Reardons. George puts his secret ingredient blend in a jar, but accidentally leaves it at home. Malibu and Brooklyn are performing at the festival and left after the rest of Malibu's family, so Margaret asks Malibu to go home and get the jar. In the meantime, George has Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea go around the festival getting ingredients so he can improvise another recipe. Malibu and Brooklyn get the jar to him in time and he uses it to win the Chilli Cook-Off. George and his family sit with Ken while they watch The Barbies perform.

In "Game On!", Malibu and Brooklyn compete in a farm-based game show. Brooklyn's family watch in the audience and Simone video chats George and Margaret so they can watch too. The girls win the show and receive $1000 worth of potatoes. Malibu and Brooklyn's parents buy the potatoes from the girls to reward them for their hard work in school and on their music. Margaret says she is proud of how the girls made the demo on their own. George says it's their turn to help finish what the girls started. Kel says they've decided to split the cost. Malibu thanks her parents.

In "Race to the Finish", George and the rest of Malibu's family go to New York to bring Malibu and Brooklyn to California for the summer. The girls try to give their finished demo to Otto Phoenix, but he is out of his office and won't be back until after they've left for California. The girls feel defeated so George says it's not like them to give up. George and many other people help Malibu and Brooklyn to find Otto. George asks a security guard if he's seen Otto, and the guard ignores George. Chelsea has a more demanding approach and gets an answer. Malibu and Brooklyn find Otto and George watches them perform for him. Otto takes their demo and says he will listen to it and contact the girls. George and the rest of the audience cheers and applauds. When the West Coast Roberts leave for California with Brooklyn, Rafa and Gato sneak onto the camper, so Malibu tells George that they will need to take a detour through Queens.

Physical Appearance[]

George is a tall man with short, dark gray hair, blue eyes and light skin. He wears black glasses. George's signature outfit is a gray printed shirt with his sleeves rolled up, light pants, and brown shoes. In "Festival Fiasco", he wears a dark gray polo shirt with a white trim, white shorts, white and dark gray slip-on shoes, and a silver watch.