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George Roberts is a character in Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams. He is voiced by Greg Chun. George is the father of Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, and he is married to Margaret. They live in a dreamhouse in Malibu with their puppies. He is a documentary filmmaker.


George's daughter Barbie Roberts dreams of being a Broadway star, so she enrols in a summer program at Handler Arts Academy in New York. As she travels there from Malibu, George and the rest of the family video chat with her. George worries about Barbie being in New York by herself, so he installed a tracker on her phone. He tells Barbie that he can't wait to come visit.

In New York, Barbie becomes friends with a [[girl from Brooklyn. They have the same name, so they nickname each other based on where they're from. Barbie becomes Malibu, and her new friend becomes Brooklyn. Malibu, Brooklyn and the other students compete for a Spotlight Solo performance that will be take place in Times Square. One day, Malibu accidentally knocks Brooklyn into an orchestra pit, but a witness lies and claims Malibu deliberately sabotaged Brooklyn. Malibu gets expelled and comes home to California.

George tries to comfort her, but Malibu is devastated. He says he is here for Malibu is she wants to talk. Brooklyn finds out that Malibu pushed her by accident, and goes to California to apologize and bring her back to the academy. George gives them some privacy while they talk. They later find out they have both get to do the Spotlight Solo, so George and the rest of the Roberts family go to New York to watch Malibu and Brooklyn perform in Times Square.

Physical Appearance[]

George is a tall man with short, dark gray hair, blue eyes and light skin. He wears a gray printed shirt with the sleeves rolled up, light pants, and brown shoes. He also wears glasses.


George is a caring and concerned father. He puts a tracker on Malibu's cell phone when she is in New York by herself, and calls her while she is travelling. He pretends he isn't worried, but everyone can tell he is. Malibu knows that he is worried, so she sends him photos. George tries to comfort Malibu when she is upset, and he goes to New York to watch her perform live even though the performance is being livestreamed.


  • [To Malibu] "Hi, honey!"
  • [To Malibu] "We can't wait to come visit!"
  • [When Malibu is sad in her bedroom] "Okay if we come in, Barbie?"
  • [When Malibu gets expelled] "We're just glad you're back home, sweetheart."
  • [To Malibu] "We're here, if you wanna talk."


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