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"First Day Frenzy" is the second episode of the first season of Barbie: It Takes Two. The episode was released on Netflix US on April 8, 2022.

Official Description[]

"Malibu's homesick and Brooklyn loses her voice, but the besties find a way to help each other and embrace their new lives in New York."[1]


Malibu and Brooklyn are living at Brooklyn's house while they attend their fall semester at Handler Arts Academy. On a Monday morning, they are excited for their first day at school. Malibu wants to bake muffins before school since it's one of her family's traditions, but Brooklyn's family is too busy and don't have the right ingredients. Malibu tries phoning her parents but accidentally wakes them up because of the time difference in California. Malibu wants to make a time capsule, but Brooklyn wants to get to school early, so they leave after a quick breakfast.

When Malibu and Brooklyn get to school, it's still too early for Malibu to phone her parents. Brooklyn is starstruck when she sees Bertram, a famous Broadway actor who she is a big fan of. Rafa says he heard Bertram would be a guest teacher at their school for the year. However, students must audition to be in Bertram's class. Brooklyn wants to be in Bertram's class, so she tries to think of the perfect performance to impress him. When Malibu and Brooklyn leave, Rafa sees a student filming the girls.

During dance class, Brooklyn uses her phone to look for the perfect performance piece. She gets in trouble when she is caught by the dance instructor. Malibu pretends it was her fault, and lies to the instructor that Brooklyn was searching for the instructor's designer scarf online. At lunch, Brooklyn thanks Malibu for helping her. Malibu feels sad that she missed her family's other tradition of photographing their first day of school outfits.

Rafa is stressed because his costume designer instructor has given him two days to think of a signature look. Rafa sees the film student again. The student introduces himself as "The Dash", but his real name is Dashiel Haycraft III. He speaks in third person, sees himself as a future award-winning director, and is currently filming an expose on aspiring artists at their school. When Malibu and Brooklyn go home to Brooklyn's house, it's the middle of the school day in California, so Malibu still can't talk to her family. Brooklyn rehearses a Romeo & Juliet piece for her audition for Bertram.

Malibu phones her family in the evening, while they are having their traditional walk on the beach after the first day of school. After Malibu tells her family that she wishes she were there, her phone disconnects. Brooklyn continues rehearsing. Malibu and Ken talk on the phone about her day, and Rafa phones Malibu for advice on his costume designs. The next day, Brooklyn is losing her voice after rehearsing all night. Malibu, Simone and Kel unsuccessfully try to help Brooklyn get her voice back.

Dash films Malibu, Brooklyn and Rafa again. When Malibu tells Dash that Brooklyn has lost her voice, he says that's why he always has an understudy. This gives Malibu an idea to say Brooklyn's lines off stage while Brooklyn lip syncs them on stage. Malibu is confident she can learn Brooklyn's performance script, but Brooklyn is unsure. While Malibu is rehearsing in the library, she gets distracted when her mother phones her to talk about their traditional first day of school karaoke session. As Malibu leaves the library, she doesn't notice she has dropped the script on the floor. Brooklyn gets on stage to audition for Bertram, who has extremely high standards, but Malibu realizes she has lost the script.

Malibu improvises by referencing random speeches, songs and movies. Brooklyn lip syncs and acts it out, and Bertram is impressed by Brooklyn's "inventive comedic commentary" on Shakespeare. Bertram could see Malibu's shoes under the curtain while Brooklyn was on stage, so he knows she was performing too. Bertram says their acting reminded him of his own, and he says they can both be in his class. Their risky improv has inspired Rafa for his costume design. Later, Brooklyn, Simone and Kel try to do Malibu's family traditions; Brooklyn gives Malibu some mango curry, and Simone and Kel suggest they all sing karaoke together.

Featuring the Voices Of[]

Other characters include Etta, Dean Morrison, the percussionist, and the custodian. Rafa's Grandmother is mentioned.


  • When Brooklyn thinks of an "iconic" song to sing for her audition, she begins to sing "The Hills Are Alive" from The Sound of Music.
  • The dance instructor has the same character model as Marlo.
  • Etta has the same character model as Blissa.
  • Dash has the same character model as Trey Reardon.
  • While Malibu improvises for Brooklyn's audition, Malibu references Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address speech; the nursery rhymes Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty; the 1941 Superman film; and the song "Give My Regards to Broadway".
  • After Brooklyn's audition, Rafa refers to her and Malibu as "my fair ladies". This is a reference to the Broadway musical My Fair Lady