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"Find Yourself in the Song" is the fourth song on the Barbie in Rock 'N Royals Soundtrack. It is featured in the movie's teaser trailer.


I wanna turn it up
So don't you turn me down
'Cause when we get together
We got a rockin' sound

Don't need to follow in
Somebody else's steps
We make our own rules
I think you know the rest

Just look around now
Look what you got now

Find yourself in the song
Bring out the beat and the melody, melody
Find yourself in the song
When we're together it's meant to be
All it takes is one big dream
You better find yourself in the song
When we're together it's meant to be, yeah

I wanna find the fun, come on and mix it up
'Cause if it's now or never, then now's the time for us
Don't wanna shy away from who we really are
This is a brilliant night, feel like a shining star


Oh-oh, oh-whoa
Whoa-oh, oh-oh
Whoa-oh, oh-oh
Whoa-oh, oh, oh



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