Fergis is a character in Barbie: The Pearl Princess. He is Caligo's son, King Nereus and Queen Lorelei‘s nephew, Princess Lumina's older cousin and Cora's love interest. He dreams of being a botanist.


When Princess Lumina was born, she became the heir to the kingdom of Seagundia. But this fact wasn't included in the interests of Caligo, Lorelei's sister's husband. In order for Fergis to become the heir, Lumina would have to die. Caligo arranged with Scylla to kidnap Lumina in exchange for payment, but Scylla didn't want to harm the baby princess so she raised Lumina in a sea cave on the outskirts of town.

Seventeen years later, Fergis had come of age. Caligo convinced King Nereus and Queen Lorelei to make Fergis the heir because their daughter was still missing. They agreed and Caligo then arranged for a royal ball for Fergis to find a wife. To prepare for the ball, Fergis went to Salon La Mer where Lumina styled his hair, but even though they’re cousins they didn't know who the other was. Fergis saw Cora, a nail and tail stylist, fell in love with and claimed she was beautiful. Lumina introduced him to her, and they got along.

At the ball, Caligo saw a boutonnière Fergis was wearing: a Quidest Fetere flower. It had a strong, unpleasant smell so Caligo removed it. Caligo forced Scylla to poison the king's merberry nectar that he would drink to toast Fergis after making him the official heir with the Pearl of the Sea. Scylla tried to stop the king from drinking the merberry nectar, but Lumina got to him first.

As Scylla tried to tell everyone what Caligo was up to, Caligo pushed Scylla onto one of Spike's poisonous spikes. Luckily, Fergis's Quidest Fetere flower petals were the antidote. After Scylla took the antidote and Caligo was arrested, Lumina found out she was the missing princess and the rightful heir to the kingdom, so Fergis gave her the Pearl of the Sea.


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