Felix is a parrot in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. His owner is Derek, the royal cobbler. Felix is voiced by the late Gabe Khouth.


Felix appears in movie together with his owner, the royal cobbler, Derek. He is portrayed a very talkative bird. To Derek's annoyance, Felix makes several remarks on his owner's love to Genevieve when she receives her dancing shoes. Later, when Derek meets the apothecary, he wants to take Felix instead of Queen Isabella's silver goblet. Derek gives to apothecary his horse instead of Felix.

Felix is good friend to Twyla, Genevieve's kitten. When Desmond broke out of the storage room, Felix went to warn Genevieve and Derek about him, but Brutus jumped on him and started to pluck feathers off of him. Twyla came to his rescue by snapping a mouse trap on Brutus's tail. Felix thanked her.

Physical Appearance

Felix is a parrot. He has green, yellow, white and violet colored feathers.


  • Felix makes two cameo appearances in Barbie as The Island Princess; Firstly, he is beside Sagi when Sagi sings "birds and bananas" during "Here On My Island". The second appearance is when Prince Antonio sings his part of "I Need to Know", Felix sits on the ship's steering wheel behind Antonio.
  • In the 12 Dancing Princesses video game, his name is Scooch.
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