"Feels Like Love"
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Barbie Diaries Soundtrack
The Barbie Diaries
Written by: Martin Briley
Russ DeSalvo
Dana Calitri
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"Feels Like Love" is a song featured in The Barbie Diaries. It was written by Martin Briley, Russ DeSalvo and Dana Calitri, performed by Tabitha Fair. The singer is not officially credited in the end credits of the film, but a sampler CD, Dana Calitri is listed as performer. Dana Calitiri HAS confirmed that Tabitha Fair is the singer. (


Waited all my life for this moment
Waited all my life for you to come
At night in my dreams I thought I saw you
Could it really be that you're the one
'Cause there is no cure and I can't be sure
That you won't break my heart
Until today never felt this way before

I feel like a bird in the open sky
You gave me wings and now I can fly
Baby it feels like love
When I think of you I get butterflies
You make me laugh then I wanna cry
Don't you know you're everything
I always dreamed of
And it feels like love

Never saw the stars so clearly
Never felt the earth beneath my feet
Everyday your love astounds me
Never knew a kiss could be so sweet
I lose myself, become someone else
Just lying in your arms
This must be real
'cause you make me feel alive


Love was an empty promise
'Til I found you
You showed me a magical place
Where all my wildest dreams come true


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